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Dual Bottlelox®, Liquor Bottle Lock

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  • Use with both AM & RF systems
  • Sold in cases 50-72 based on selected size
  • Color/ Finish: Clear/ Light Grey
<div data-content-type="html" data-appearance="default" data-element="main" data-decoded="true">Dual Bottlelox®, Liquor Bottle Lock can be used with both AM and RF systems.<p>A major struggle for every retailer is deterring thieves without turning off customers from buying your products. Alcohol is one of the most targeted retail products for theft and causes millions of pounds of lost revenue across the industry each year. However, some retailers are still skeptical about bottle tags - they're tricky to put on and aren't very presentable. BottleLox, on the other hand, will not spoil the appearance of your products, it is quick and easy to apply (and remove) and it works with or without an EAS system. It's also affordable and has a proven rapid return on investment, even for independent retailers. Sold in cases 50-72 based on selected size. Select your size by using the dropdown menu.</p> <p>Instructions:</p> <ul> <li>Bottlelox should be installed with the clear portion showing forward. </li> <li>To attach, simply place on the bottle neck, allow to move all the way down and then clamp the Bottlelox shut. </li> <li>To remove, make sure the bottle is “parallel” to the table or mount surface, and gently tap the protruded portion on the center of the detacher. The bottlelox will then “pop” open and the bottle can be removed. If the bottle is at a sharp angle to the surface the magnet may not work the lock efficiently. </li></ul></div>
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