Paper Merchandise Bags

Paper Merchandise Bags

Paper Merchandise Bags

Merchandise bags are commonplace in gift stores, pharmacies, even candy stores. These lightweight paper bags are a cost-efficient way to package small products. American Retail Supply carries flat and square bottomed varieties, each in several sizes. Many of these products are available as colored, patterned, or custom printed bags. If you want to learn more about our custom printing capabilities, give us a call, or email us here.

Paper Grocery Bags

Our paper grocery bags are flat bottomed and gusseted, making them exceptionally easy to store. This style of bag is most frequently associated with grocery stores, but in smaller sizes they are widely used by drug stores, fast food services, and other retailers. Economical, and somewhat unceremonious these bags are a great option whenever utility is the priority. We offer paper grocery bags in kraft and white. Paper grocery bags are also a more environmentally friendly option compared to their plastic counterparts, many of our bags are made using recycled materials.

Natural Kraft and White

Kraft merchandise bags are thin, flat bags that open using a triangular gusset. Typically, these bags are used for prescriptions or small gifts. Kraft bags have a simple, classic look that is rarely out of place. One of the reasons these bags are so popular is that they take up very little space. Retailers who use small merch bags frequently can even use a rudimentary dispenser, which could be as simple as a box with an opening at the top, to keep their bags organized and on hand.

Colored Paper

Colored merchandise bags, as their name suggests, are similar to our kraft merchandise bags with a colorful flood coat. These bags are a great way to inject flair into your packaging without breaking the bank. Many of our customers match their bags to their company colors. These businesses value cohesive branding throughout their packaging.

Glassine lined

Glassine lined Bags provide a barrier against grease, moisture and stains making them must have packaging item for bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, or other retail locations selling baked foods. Glassine bags are most often seen in the food industry however, they are also great for candies, soaps, candles and other handmade or organic goods.

Don’t see what you need? Speak to a representative about our custom printing options. We are happy to walk you through the process of designing the perfect bag for your business.

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