Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall Accessories are a must have item when you are using Slatwall. So versatile and huge variety of attachments are available at American Retail Supply! You can display almost anything with the different hooks, shelves, brackets and other misc. slatwall accessories. If you are looking to change up your current display or if you are opening a new store it's important to use your space wisely. Merchandising is a key factor when selling products. How they are displayed is a huge factor on how they sell. Using the right mixture of shelves, hooks and waterfalls and acrylic bins and risers can create the display exciting. Don’t forget the impact of a clean and organized display!

Slatwall Brackets

The brackets are available in varying lengths and colors. The main purpose of brackets is to hold up shelves. The shelves can be 4”-16” deep. Slatwall brackets will create your very own free-floating shelves. .

Slatwall Hooks

Slatwall hooks are used for everything and anything you can think you hang up with a simple hook. Hooks range in size from 2” - 12” and in 2 thicknesses - regular or heavy duty. If you are hanging a lot of products that are a tad heavy you might want to think of a shorter hook as if it is too heavy the product will slope your hook down and the product could fall off. Using a heavy-duty hook will prevent sloping. Hooks are great to hang small to medium sized products. If you need to hang up large products you might need to use multiple hooks to place your product just right on the wall. .

Rustic Slatwall Accessories

Looking for something a tad different than the standard brackets, hooks and wire baskets? Take a look at the Rustic Slatwall Accessories. These will help you create a high-end rustic feeling in your store. These fixtures have the some of the same fixture types as waterfalls, face out and merchandise u bars “Pipe Hangers” with or without shelves. The pipe fixtures are popular and matches well if you have a brick wall look in your store.

Slat Boxes

Slatboxes are an easy way to stay organized and keep small items separated. Slatboxes are plastic colored boxes that hang on to Slatwall. They are available in handful of sizes and colors. The Black & Clear slatboxes are the most popular ones. Slatboxes are great for hardware store, cannabis shops, garages and craft rooms. .

If you have a special item you are trying to display and you do not see an attachment that will work, Please call 1-800-426-5708 and one of our product experts will and find you the item that’s just right. .

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