Slatwall & Wall Panels

Slatwall & Wall Panels

Create stunning walls or improve your existing wall with Slatwall & Wall Panels. Our Textured Slatwall or 3D Panels have unique designs like Subway Tiles, Bricks, Tire Treads, Old Paint, Wood, and many more. Underbudgeted? Then select from our wide range of Cherry, maple, Black, or Wood color Traditional Slatwall Panels. Whichever you pick our Slatwall Panels to have rows of slots to slide in faceouts, brackets, wire baskets, hooks, and many other slatwall accessories to display your products.

Modular Slatwall Display is portable and customizable to your specification to allow you to place on top of a counter or be full on floor display. This can be done by the different types of connectors, allowing you to build different variations and directions of slatwall panels. Also, you don’t have to worry about chipping or damaging these modular slatwall panels because they are made of hard plastic instead of the usual MDF particles.

Just want to make your walls more beautiful, seamless, and picture perfect? Our 3D Wall Panels will be the perfect fit for you. They don’t have any slots and meant just for making your walls outstanding. American Retail Supply has about the same amount of design choices as our 3D Slatwall Panels. Wall Panels give character and style from regular white walls. They tell your customers about who you are and what your store is about.

Slatwall and Wall Panels has the best design and stunning wall system at American Retail Supply but we have alternatives like Gridwall & Slatgrid or Slotted Wall Standards. Call us if you have any questions or need assistance in placing an order, 1-800-426-5708.

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