Garvey Label Guns & Labels

Garvey Label Guns & Labels

GARVEY Label Guns are easy to use, with features like its drop-in loading. Garvey Label Guns also have an easy, quick and clean inker change systems. Garvey has taken pride in always offering high quality, user friendly products. The Garvey Pricing Gun makes your labeling tasks easier. Keeping in line with the latest industry trends, the design of the Garvey label gun has recently been improved making it more user-friendly than ever! Garvey label guns offer comfortable handling, reliability, and simple drop-in loading. Experience a price gun that is jam-free and stress-free.

American Retail Supply offers a total of 9 Garvey Label Guns. We offer 6-9 band labelers. The band is the amount of characters that the gun can print. It is the internal stamping mechanism.

1 Line Labeler

1 Line Garvey Label Guns are hand held labeling tools that only print 1 line. This is useful for quickly price tagging items or SKU/item number. We have several types of 1 line label guns, 6-9 band. This gives you a variety of options. If 6-9 bands are not enough space, then check out our 2-line labelers.

2 Line Labeler

2-line Garvey Label Guns place double the information as its counterpart, 1-line label gun. 2-line labeling guns can write 2 lines instead of 1. Without needing to choose either price or item number, now you can write both. This increases productivity and quickly move to more important tasks.

American Retail Supply offers a repair and cleaning service on most Garvey Label Guns. Please contact us at 800-426-5708 for more information.


Accessories are essential and complete Garvey price labelers. The two accessories needed are labels and inker. Specific labels only fit specific Garvey labelers. Beware to check the model you purchased before ordering your labels. The Garvey 25 Inker is compatible with our 9 Garvey Label guns.

All our labels come in multiple colors. We have blank fluorescent red, orange, green, blue and much more. We also have labels printed with "SALE". If you have a 1 line label gun or 2 line label gun, you can find all your labeling needs at American Retail Supply.

Please call us at American Retail Supply with any questions to get in touch with our product experts who can quickly guide you through buying Garvey Label Guns. 1-800-426-5708

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