Checkpoint (EAS) Antenna Systems

Checkpoint (EAS) Antenna Systems

Classic Range is perfect for stores who have simple EAS security needs and are looking for a low cost way to reduce retail theft. Call for Pricing!

Evolve iRange is great security solution for stores with wide aisles and need to protect small valuable items such as cosmetics, electronics and jewelry. Call for Pricing!

Evolve Exclusive Range has all the benefits of the Evolve iRange with very discrete antennas including a wall mount and in floor option. Call for Pricing!

Did you know every dollar of reduced theft is an added dollar to your bottom line.

Large retailers know this. They have loss prevention departments that analyze each dollar spent for its return on investment. Because they are proven to enhance the bottom line, nearly every major retailer in the world has implemented electronic article surveillance (EAS) as a major part of their theft prevention efforts.

Here’s how EAS security systems benefit you

  • Reduces your shoplifting losses
  • Identifies thieves as they walk out
  • Provides a deterrent effect
  • Boosts impulse sales by moving items from locked cased to counters and open sales floors
  • Creates a more pleasant shopping environment

Proven Technology

You can utilize the same technology, from the same manufacturer, as major companies like Target, Walgreen’s, Albertson’s, CVS, the Gap, Barnes & Noble, the US Postal Service and literally thousands of other retailers throughout the world.

Here's how EAS security systems work

Small security tags, applied to high theft merchandise, alerts you when shoplifters try to take stolen items through electronic sensors at your door.

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. is the most reliable name in electronic article surveillance systems, providing tags and labels for nearly every type of products.

EAS systems are less expensive, and have a quicker payback than you might think …in most cases six to twelve months.

At American Retail Supply Products

  • Each system is custom specified for your specific needs, including product mix, location, operation, and theft prevention concerns. We haven’t chosen a pre-packed solution for you without knowing your needs.
  • American Retail Supply Products offers only factory new, genuine Checkpoint systems.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about self-installation or third party installer errors that might void your security warranty. Each new system comes complete, installed, backed by an industry-leading parts parts and labor warranty from Checkpoint Systems. (ask for details)
  • Through arrangements with Checkpoint, all installation and service is performed by Checkpoint Systems Factory Technicians.
  • Because of this agreement we can offer systems, service and supplies throughout the United States.

Call our EAS specialists at American Retail Supply Products at 800-426-5708 for a no-obligation, no pressure conversation about implementing electronic article surveillance as part of your loss prevention efforts.

Read our article on how EAS Systems has helped supermarkets and hypermarkets in loss preventions.

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. is a US$778.7 million multinational manufacturer and marketer of technology-driven integrated solutions to protect people and assets and to facilitate the merchandising, tracking and securing of consumer goods at key checkpoints in the supply chain.

Checkpoint is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CKP).

Experience you can trust

Established in 1969, Checkpoint today is the world's leading provider of radio frequency (RF) based loss prevention systems to the $1 trillion global retail industry. With a heritage of high-performance technology solutions and relationships with an impressive roster of the world's most successful retailers and manufacturers, Checkpoint continually delivers smart solutions that make it easy for our customers to do business with increased efficiency, cost savings, rapid response and superior service.

Real-world solutions and bottom-line results

With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services ranging from traditional security technologies to real-world RFID systems, source tagging and service bureau capabilities, Checkpoint makes it easy to deploy the right value-added solution to meet the customer's need to reduce losses and work more efficiently. Capitalizing on our extensive experience and global infrastructure, we help our customers control their assets, boost efficiency, increase sales/circulation - all leading to greater profitability and productivity by bridging the gap between today's technologies and tomorrow's.

Loss Prevention Success in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets with Checkpoint EAS

Slim margins make profitability a challenge for supermarkets and hypermarkets. A shrink rate of 1.50% makes it even tougher. The Food Marketing Institute's 2002 Security and Loss Prevention Issues Survey notes that in 2001, its 59 member supermarkets reported that they recovered nearly US$6.8 million in merchandise from shoplifters. (According to industry estimates, only about 3% of losses result in recovery.)

Hardest hit by shoplifters are health and beauty care items, meats and baby formula in the United States and alcohol, meats, beauty products, tobacco and chocolate in Europe.

Checkpoint leads the world in supermarket loss prevention, as evidenced by the company's relationships with such chains as Albertson's/American Stores, Continente, Winn-Dixie, Gigante, Intermarché and others. And a growing number of hypermarkets around the globe are turning to Checkpoint to address security problems. Our comprehensive range of tags, including special tags for meats, can protect high-shrink stock throughout the store. Many of these items are available source tagged with Checkpoint security labels.

Exclusive capabilities such as integrated scan/deactivation with Interlock prevent front-end theft. These solutions, coupled with our CCTV offerings, make Checkpoint ideally suited for these retail environments.

Checkpoint's loss prevention solutions are working for:

  • Albertson's/American Stores
  • Argentine Chamber of Supermarkets
  • Argentine Federation of Supermarket and Self-Service Stores
  • ASACH (Chilean Supermarket Association)
  • Bi-Lo Coles Myer, Ltd.
  • Continente
  • Delhaize
  • Familia
  • GB
  • Giant
  • Gigante
  • Groenwoudt/Nieuwe Weme
  • H.E. Butt
  • Intermarché Jumbo
  • Lucky
  • Kiwi
  • Migros
  • Norte
  • Oshawa Foods
  • Ralphs
  • Sainsbury Supermarkets
  • Simago
  • Winn-Dixie Supermarkets
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