Sizers; Markers & Size Labels

Sizers; Markers & Size Labels

Hanger Size Markers

Use Size dividers, Labels & Markers for organizing your apparel section. Using some or all of these sizing devices make shopping that much easier for your customers. Whether you use dividers, labels or marker sizers staying organized will help you increase sales by making it easy for your customer to shop the garments on the racks and find their size, and a happy customer is a returning customer.

Size labels simplify merchandising while organizing the garments. Size labels are often seen on the folded edge of stacked T-shirts or on a folded pair of pants. After your retail sales associate takes the time to fold each garment the last thing you want your customer to do is unfold all the clothes just to try and find the size. Apply each label directly to the clothing without worry of leaving a residue when removed. Each Size Labels is clear in color and feature black writing. Size Labels are 1-¼" wide and come 250 per roll. If you are looking for a way to store your labels, we've got you covered! Our label dispenser box makes storing your Size Labels easy. Each Dispenser Box has enough storage for 5 rolls of rectangle size labels.

Round size dividers make organizing your clothing racks a breeze by keeping all the same sizes grouped together. Grouping like sizes together makes shopping for your customers convenient and more are more likely to buy more. These dividers are mostly used on round garment rack or closeout racks. Round size dividers are sold in packs of 5 and are the color white with black writing. You can purchase sizes ranging from 3 months to XXXXL, number sizes1-56 and blanks.

Hanger Size Markers allow you to mark each hanger with the size of the garment you are selling. Size Markers come in 2 sizes regular or mini markers. Both size options are white with black writing and sold in packs of 100. Regular markers have a slight slanted shape and modern look. The mini markers are a tad smaller and straight more industrial look. Both size markers clip on the top of the hook of the hanger. At American Retail Supply, we understand that keeping track of mini and regular hanger size markers are a pain. They can easily be misplaced and forgotten. Having a designated spot like our storage box for size markers is simple and can save you money in the long run. Our storage boxes have small compartments to separate the sizers by color or size.

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