Pegboard Accessories

Pegboard Accessories

Pegboard Accessories allow you to utilize all your pegboard space with hooks, brackets or baskets. No matter if you have pegboard in you retail store, home garage, work space or another place you are sure to need some sort of pegboard accessories to hang up your products, parts, tools and truly anything you want to get off the floor and onto the wall. Pegboard Accessories are mostly the chrome color, but the basket is available in white.

Pegboard Scanner Hooks

Our pegboard scanner hooks have two options 1 or 2 piece. A 1-piece is just one solid piece of metal hook that inserts directly to the pegboard and the 2-piece scanner hook refers to the hook coming apart from the back plate that attaches to the pegboard itself. The attached back plate of these hooks quickly come apart and creates ease of movement in tight areas under shelves, making the top of the pegboard useful as well. The white engineering grade plastic back plates are reinforced for maximum holding power.

Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard Hooks come in different shapes for different purposes, some extend at varying lengths from 2- 12 inches, while others have a different design which can only hold one merchandise. The J-hook makes it easy to display 1 simple item. Find brackets, faceouts, waterfalls, baskets and other pegboard accessories in Pegboard Special Accessories. Baskets are a great product to fill with misc. items you have or creating a closeout basket for shoppers. Brackets can be paired with the shelving. Brackets are under the shelf and hold up the shelf on the wall. They are available in various lengths. Another popular item is the inventory clips. These little clips prevent your product from sliding off the hook.

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