Restaurant Packaging

Restaurant Packaging

Restaurant Packaging

American Retail Supply offers a large variety of Restaurant Packaging that ranges from bakery boxes, carryout trays, food tissue & more! Our Restaurant Packaging encompasses Take-Out, Catering, Bakery supplies, coffee bags and any other packaging items you may need to run your food-based business. All of our restaurant packaging is very durable, and all products are FDA approved for food contact.

Takeout Bags

As the Food Delivery industry continues to grow, so does the need for proper delivery/takeout packaging. At American Retail Supply we offer a variety of Takeout Bags including Superwave, Ameritotes, T-Shirt Bags & more!These bags are high quality, durable and come in many different sizes to fit your Takeout needs. If you are looking for a more high-end takeout bag our Superwave & Ameritote bags are perfect for you! Both these bags styles offer an extra wide opening and flat bottoms to prevent spilling. The biggest difference between the Superwave & Ameritote bags are the handles. Superwave bags feature a comfortable, die-cut handle while the Ameritote features a soft loop handle. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option, our T-Shirt bags are a great option as well! The T-Shirt bags are a favorite among retailers and restaurants alike thanks to their handle style & flexibility. T-Shirt bags feature long handles for easy carrying as well as gusseted sides that allow the bag to expand to fit packaged food. The best thing about T-shirt bags is the ability to choose the plastic thickness. This is extremely important if you operate in an area with Plastic Bag Mil Restrictions. Both Superwave & Ameritotes are made with a thicker plastic, but T-Shirt bags come in a range of thicknesses.

Food Tissue & Liners

Another popular item for Restaurant Packaging is Food Tissue & Liners. Food Tissue is an easy way to prevent surfaces from food grease, crumbs and any other mess that could come from your food. These FDA approved tissue papers/liners are strong enough to resist & absorb grease and moisture making them a must-have item for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and more! While Food Tissue is great for wrapping menu items, Food Liners are great to add to serving baskets or Carryout Trays to help minimize any mess! At American Retail Supply we offer Food Tissue & Liners in multiple Dry Wax grades including Light Weight 11/13# & High Performance 15/18#. We also offer 20# Grease Resistant wraps/liners as well as Un-waxed 10.5# Menu Tissue. We offer 8+ stock patterns, solid colors & customizing options for each Tissue/Liners.

Bakery Boxes & Bags

American Retail Supply offers 60+ bakery boxes that are great for your pastries, pies, doughnuts, cakes and other bakery items. Our boxes are available in Natural Kraft & White options, but specialty colors like pink & chocolate brown are available upon request. Each bakery box is comes with lock corners and depending on the style of the box, are available with a window top. Our bakery boxes are also make from 100% recycled material. Choose from 60+ different sizes and find a box that will fit your baked goods with ease!

Another packaging options we offer is Bakery Bags. The 3 most popular styles of Bakery bags are Paper Grocery Bags, Takeout Bags & Glassine Lined Bags. Depending on what items you are putting in the bag will determine which bag will work best for you. Both the Paper Grocery Bags & Takeout Bags are great for packaging wrapped food items, candies, canned items and more. These bags are available in options and the Paper Grocery Bags come in a wide variety of sizes. Glassine Lined Bags are available in 3 different sizes and 8+ colors and are FDA approved for food contact. Glassine Lined Bags are the perfect choice from bakeries, coffee shops or restaurant that sell fresh baked goods. Thanks to the glassine liner, you do not have to wrap your fresh baked goods in another food tissue before placing in the bag and you also will not have to worry about grease stains seeping through the bag!

Customizing Options

As the Food Delivery industry continues to grow, so does the need for Custom Packaging. Custom Packaging not only makes a business/restaurant look more professional, but also offers a second layer of advertisement as well. This exposure is critical and can only increase sales. At American Retail Supply, we have over 50 years of experience helping customers develop and execute their brand images on a wide range of packaging. For more information regarding Custom Packaging give one of our Product Experts a call at 1-800-426-5708.

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