Evolve Exclusive Range

Evolve Exclusive Range

Checkpoint’s EVOLVE Exclusive Range offers an exclusive collection of designer based solutions. For retailers whose store designs require something more unique. All based on EVOLVE technology for the best of the best.

iRange Antennas use game changing 360 degree technology to allow the use of Checkpoint’s Micro Range of labels. With the use of these small labels more higher end and small items can be safely displayed in the open, increasing sales of those items.


The EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE S10 is part of Checkpoint Systems’ EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE range which combines maximum detection and reliability with aesthetically pleasing design built to withstand the toughest environments.

The EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE S10 is a high-performance EAS antenna that blends seamlessly into your store’s facade, offering discreet yet highly effective protection against theft. The S10 also benefits from full system connectivity for remote servicing and unified management reporting.

DIMENSIONS: 67" x 4" x 5.2"*
FREQUENCY: 7.2 – 9.5 MHz

Close up image of Evolve S10 and how it looks placed on top of a store door.

EVOLVE Exclusive Range S10 Features:

DEVELOPED ESPECIALLY: For retailers where aesthetics are paramount
IDEAL FOR STORES: With limited space
MOUNTABLE ONTO VIRTUALLY: Any entrance or exit frame
VISITOR COUNTING INTEGRATION: S10 VisiPlus sensor supports smart alarm management
REMOTE CONNECTIVITY: Seamless management reporting


The EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE F10 is an entirely invisible EAS solution from Checkpoint Systems. Designed for retailers whose stores require a totally discreet EAS solution, without sacrificing performance.

The EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE F10 is perfect for flagship stores. Installed during the store construction process, the F10 offers maximum detection and reliability for in-store merchandise protection, while remaining completely invisible.

AISLE WIDTH: Up To 40" and 79" (2 Options)*
FREQUENCY: 7.2 – 9.5 MHz

Image of women walking on floor since the Evolve F10 is invisible EAS system

EVOLVE Exclusive Range F10 Features:

UNDERFLOOR SYSTEM: Designed to blend invisibly within the store design
COMPATIBLE WITH CHECKPOINT’S: Visiplus overhead sensor to provide Smart Alarm Management (SAM) and People Counting Data
EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Detection of tags* across wide entrances/exits and up to heights of 5.41ft/65 in*
ALARM DETECTION CAN BE OUTPUT: Choice of external sounders, lights or pagers and, in most cases, can be integrated with existing in-store systems
FLOOR FINISHINGS CAN BE LAID: Directly over the antenna, the F10 is able to withstand very heavy loads without affecting performance
ECO TECHNOLOGY: To ensure the F10 uses a minimal amount of electrical power to provide 24 hour protection at low energy costs

*Measurements are approximate. Call us for details.

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