Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Popular ways for Loss Prevention

Businesses lose billions of dollars annually as a result to shoplifting and not using forms of security systems. American Retail Supply can help you Sell More, Lose Less and Protect your Investment. Our selection of Loss Prevention products can be a mixture of security locks, mirrors, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), security cash boxes anything that protects your merchandise. You can read articles/tips about Loss Prevention on how to protect your business on our BLOG by clicking here. Remember, Loss Prevention is more than just protecting your products it also includes communication, customer service, store organization, employee theft and your store policies.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

EAS Systems are security units placed at the front of the store, where customers enter or exit most often. These security sensors are a highly effective method of reducing shoplifting and increasing profit. If the security tag/label is not deactivated before walking through the doors, the EAS security system will sound the alarm and draw attention. Place these special security tags/labels on your commonly stolen items to reduce your loss.

When purchasing Loss Prevention EAS systems, make sure to do proper research. RF vs AM:

RF Radio Frequency. Checkpoint® is the leading manufacturer of RF systems. These security tags are like little radio towers, sending out radio waves to detect if the chip is nearby. However, our deactivation pad will deactivate the chip when it is within a 12” range of the pad.

AM Acousto-Magnetic. Sensomatic® is the leading manufacturer of AM EAS security systems. AM labels and tags are made of two strips: a strip of ferrous metal and a strip of a magnetically charged metal which is used as a biasing magnet (to increase signal strength) and to allow deactivation. The security tag is deactivated by demagnetizing the strip, making the response small enough so that the detectors will not detect it. To disable the security label or tags, item must contact the deactivation pad. The failure to disable (FTD) rate of AM security systems is considerably higher than with RF security systems.

Security Tags

Security tags can be linked to your EAS system to trigger the alarm if the merchandise goes past the security system. If you do not have an EAS security system, you can still purchase single use security tags that are required to be removed from the product at checkout. Security Tags come in a variety of forms. One form of our Loss Prevention is our hard security tags which are great for things like shoes and garments. Spider security wraps are used to wrap around boxes for items like perfumes and headphones. Cable security locks are inserted through purses or sleeves in a large coat. This helps keep merchandise on the rack.

Anti-Theft Hooks

These anti-theft security hooks have a bent wire design. This unique bend prevents swiping your high-end products off the hook, instead they can only get one product from the hook. Anti-theft security hooks are made from galvanized steel and sizes ranges from 6” to 10” long. Another security system that you might not be aware of is our Key Lock System for Scanner Hooks. This gets attached onto any scanner hook you might already have in your store. These anti-theft security hooks give you the option of using Fast flip label holder to hold your price tag.

Store Security

Store security can be convex mirrors, cash security boxes, motion detectors and everything in between. Convex mirrors you hang in the corner of the room to keep an eye on blind spots in your retail store. Convex mirror diameters range from 18” round to 36” and provide wide-angle viewing, making Loss Prevention easy. As a guide to ordering convex mirrors, the diameter of the mirror reflects the total distance that you can see from the security mirror. Motion security detectors will sound the alarm if somebody has entered through the front door or where you choose to install them. Motion security detectors come wireless or a wired option, if you don’t want to replace batteries.

No matter the type of Loss Prevention you are looking for, let American Retail Supply help you find just what your store needs. Remember Sell More, Lose Less and Protect your Investment. Call a Loss Prevention expert today 1-800-426-5708

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