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Gridwall Connectors

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Gridwall Connectors

Gridwall and slatgrid panels are amazing because they are durable, portable, and darn right inexpensive. However, getting one gridwall panel is never enough but with more panels, it gets harder to move by yourself. To the resource is our joining clips. These gridwall connectors easily connects multiple slatgrid or gridwall panels to create one big unified Gridwall Panel. Even though joining clips are recommended, we have alternative methods of connecting panels together and it is second best to duct tape, cable ties or zip ties!

Grid Brackets are another type of gridwall connectors. They upgrade empty walls without over spending. With just four screws, 2 brackets, and one panel, you have just created your very own customizable wall system. Add some gridwall accessories and you can instantly create shelves, hangers, and baskets.

Gridwall connectors makes it possible to extend and upgrade any wall with or without a system. All of this is and many other Retail Store Supplies are found at American Retail Supply. Otherwise, give us a call to speak with a LIVE person because we always receive amazing feedback from our customers, 1-800-426-5708.

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