Printer Labels

Printer Labels

Direct Thermal Price Labels

Direct thermal is a process that does not use ribbon, toner or ink. When the paper passes over the thermal print head, heat is applied to the thermal paper which then turns black in the areas the heat touches. Choose from a variety of Direct Thermal Price Labels to work in your printer to mark your merchandise in your retail store. Your printer may have a setting so that you can choose to print using a Direct Thermal Price Label or you may have a printer that exclusively prints direct thermal, either way, these labels will work for you.

Thermal Transfer Labels & Ribbon

Thermal Transfer is the process in which wax (ribbon) is melted onto paper by applying heat. The ribbon head is located within the print head. These thermal price labels are ideal for pricing merchandise or even printing barcodes.

Paper Laser Labels

Laser printing is the process in which a laser beam passes back and forth over a drum to define the image. The drum then collects toner, and transfers the image to paper. The image is then heated to permanently fuse it to the paper. These labels can be used for organizing items or just labeling items.

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