Shelf Signage

Shelf Signage

Ticket Moldings

Utilize your molding to advertise your products with molding strips and shelf chips. The molding area of your shelving is a great place to advertise your products. With color molding strip and shelf channel advertising you can increase your sales. Our shelf channel strips allow you to place pricing and advertisements that are eye-catching. American Retail Supply offers a wide variety of ticket moldings. Browse ClearVision, ClearGrips, Flex Series, Shelf Talkers, Sign Clips & Grips, Chalk Talkers and Label Holders. Use many of these items together to create the perfect ticket molding system that is not only low on operational cost but also look great in your store.


ClearVision® is a non-adhesive shelf edge ticket molding labeling system that features a clear, flexible window that holds, displays and protects plain paper price tickets. It’s an integrated system that includes a variety of ticket moldings, printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ and sign holder accessories to lower operational costs and improve in-store communication. ClearVision® ticket moldings attach to every shelf edge to create a common fixture throughout the store for an effective and consistent in-store messaging program.

  • Lower operational costs by switching to plain paper tickets
  • Variety of signage and merchandising options with compatible accessories
  • Maintain planogram and price integrity
  • Standardizing every fixture allows for consistent marketing implementation
  • Environmentally friendly – recycle used paper tickets and reuse printed plastic ShelfTalkers™


ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge ticket molding labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in outer grip. ShelfTalkers™ and cardstock signs can be quickly inserted anywhere along the shelf edge with the built-in flush grip. ClearGrip™ is an integrated system that includes ticket moldings, plain paper tickets and ShelfTalkers™ that creates an efficient and effective in-store signage program. Use ClearGrip™ in both center store and refrigerated areas to create a common fixture throughout your store for consistent in-store communication.

  • Fast and convenient. Use the built-in grip to place cardstock signs or printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ anywhere along the length of the shelf. No tape or adhesives required.
  • Works in coolers and freezers. Specially formulated plastics are fully pliable and 100% functional – even in frozen food merchandisers!

Flex Series

FlexChannel® ticket moldings are available for both ClearVision® and ClearGrip™ shelf edge programs.

FlexChannel® is an innovative, one-size-fits-all price channel ticket molding that helps retailers reduce ticket molding SKUs when implementing a shelf edge labeling program in their store or chain. Use in supermarkets, convenient stores, bakeries, gift shops or any retail store.

Shelf Talkers

A shelf talker is a type of advertisement that doesn't just tell customers what the product is, but openly calls attention to the items on the retail shelves. Where a shelf edge label label strip will list the name and possibly the price of the item, shelf talkers will inform shoppers of sales, offer a brief description, and will draw your attention towards the item in an aisle filled with other items that are in competition for your attention. So, to be effective, a shelf talker sign needs to stand out. This can be done through effective graphic design or adding dimension or movement. These are things that a well designed shelf talker sign holder will do.

  • Kostklip’s innovative ChalkTalker™ series was designed for retailers looking for an easy-to-use, reusable option to display marketing and promotional messages along the shelf edge. Kostklip’s reusable ChalkTalkers™ provide retailers a solution that saves on operational costs, while reducing in-store carbon footprints with non-adhesive in-store signage solutions. Ideal for deli case, produce sections and bakeries.
  • Colorful and dynamic SleeveTalker™ Insert Overlays are designed to be interchangeable between a variety of sign holders. An overlay program consists of a paper sign, SleeveTalker™, sign sleeve and sign holder. The Insert Overlay eliminates the need to print your paper signs in color so you can print in black and white at store level to save on single use color print. Insert Overlays allow you to display branding or a variety of messages in your store.

Sign Clips & Grips

Here at American retail supply we have many styles and type of Sign Grips & Clips. Choose from sign grips, sign clips, wire sign holders, flush and right angle. Some Sign Clips and Grips attach to ClearVision, ClearGrip or C-Channel ticket molding. Others are adhesive and can attach where you need them. We also offer signs for fencing; this is great for baskets or fencing. These sign clips are ideal for a food service location. The sign clips are a smart purchase for a variety of retail environments. All PVC plastic sign grips are constructed for use in supermarkets, deli departments, bakeries, and sandwich shops. These POS units feature a tooth-like gripper to insert custom signage. Merchants have the ability to swap out labels frequently. These sign clips are great for businesses that change signage often in retail spaces.

Label Holders

Label Holders display and protects paper price tickets. We offer many styles of label holders. Used Label holders on t-wire hooks, deli bowls, floral buckets, baskets and wire fence. With many sizes available you are sure to find one that works best for you. Label Holders are easy to apply and install in a few seconds. You can attach it and take it down easily with no hassle which makes our label holders the best convenient choice for your daily use. All you have to do is just attach the price tag or any other information you want to our label holder. Our Plastic Label Holders are the perfect way to organize your wire shelf units and to display any information you want in a clear and simple way. You can use our labels holder in supermarket, market, shop, store, grocery store, library, bookstore, warehouse, bakery shop, pharmacy and even at home.

Miscellaneous Merchandising Aids

Miscellaneous Merchandising Aids are used to protect, organize, promote and aid in displaying merchandise. This selection of items are used for many different things. Cutter tool is used to cut most common ticket moldings. Make ticket molding installation easy with the Installation & Label Tool. Steels Scissors are ideal for cutting flat mount ticket molding. Organize products with SKU divider strips. Protect Shelfs with clear bumper buttons. All of these items are made to help aid you in building the best store front.

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