Italian Cottage Boxes

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  1. Kraft Italian Cottage

    As low as $79.48

    More Sizes Available...

    • Cute, Homemade Feel
    • Great for Gift Set Packaging
    • Color/ Finish: Kraft
    SKU: 54V-5553-IT-HOU-NAT-config
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Italian Cottage Boxes

Italian Cottage Boxes

Kraft Italian Cottage boxes are charming bag boxes perfect to give your package a cozy homemade feeling. These boxes are availble in two sizes 4-3/4” x 4-3/4” x 4-3/8” and 7-5/8” x 7-5/8” x 7”. the smaller size is perfect for a candle or snacka snd the larger one for a gift set. Perfect for gift packaging and the farmers market scene. These would also be adorable as gingerbread houses in the holiday season. 

Custom Options

Screen Printing

In this method a screen is used instead of a plate. Ink is pushed through a fine mesh screen to transfer the desired image to the product. It is our most versatile process because of its gentle and precise nature. We can match any PMS ink color when printed on a white substrate. When ordering a colored substrate, please be aware that the background will affect the end result and change the color. Therefore, we suggest you request an ink draw down to assure the color meets your customer’s expectations. Multiple colors can be accomplished on a wide variety of products. We use UV ink which creates a glossy finish. A matte additive can be requested to remove the gloss; or a metallic powder can be added to the ink to create a brushed metallic look. Screens must be made on every order, repeat or new, as the screen is reclaimed and used again. The film used to make the screens is stored in the file to be used on future orders.

Choose screen print when...

  • When your artwork covers a large area. Excessive foil raises the price so Screen Printing is cost effective for these situations.
  • Use varying percentages of ink to create a print that looks like multiple colors. 
  • Discounts for multiple colors. Sizes combine when using the same artwork.
  • We mix our own ink which means you get the color you want!
  • Large coverage in hot stamping means trapped air and broken foil. Screen printing is the solution.
  • Our tightest printing option at 1/16” shift between colors.

Process Printing

Four color process printing is a system where a color image is separated into four different color values: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). By using just these four colors, most of the spectrum or gamut of colors are reproduced, with a total of over 16,000 different color combinations!

When the artwork has been split up into these four color channels, the amount of density for each is also calculated. The artwork is then printed in a pattern of small dots based on these various densities to create the look of a solid color(s). Process printing makes it possible to print anything from a simple 1 color logo to a full spectrum photographic image. The possibilities are endless.

Process print, although more expensive than other printing options, can be a better option in some cases for your packaging solution.

Good candidates for process printing include:

  • Logos containing several colors with tight registration.
  • Artwork containing photographic images.
  • Printing on textured substrates, such as E-Flute.
  • Short-run jobs since plate/screens are not required.

Process printing also has no shift tolerance between colors. So, you can be sure to have your logo printing where and how you want it.

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