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Pricing Guns & Tagging Guns

Pricing Guns & Tagging Guns

Getting your tagging, labeling and price marking equipment can be a pain, but not anymore! Here you'll find a wide variety of labelers, tagging guns and supplies. You'll also see a great selection of popular brands like Monarch, Meto, Garvey, TG Tachers, Tach-It and Avery Dennison price guns and taggers.

"We are extremely happy with your wonderful service. It's a joy to talk with Christy about your products and how they will best work for us. We tell all our friends about you and how much we enjoy doing business with your company."
- Exotic Hawaiian Mamaki Tea Farm
Mountain View, HI

Labelers & Labels

Labelers are simple, click-and-stick price guns to tag items either by price, item number, or combination of both. American Retail Supply has four different brands of price guns to choose from. Whether you need 1 Line or 2 Line Labelers, each brand has their own version. However, if 2 Line is not enough, Monarch is the only price gun with 3 Line Labelers.

All price guns function the same but designed differently. The Monarch design looks like a futuristic gun and gripped like a gun but held backward. It has all of the weight on top of the handle. Avery Dennison is held like a tennis racket with all the weight in front of the handle. Meto and Garvey are similar to Avery Dennison price gun expect the handles are designed for ergonomics; shaped for comfort and fit.

Can't complete price guns without labels and inkers. American Retail Supply has labels in all size, shape, and color. There are blank labels, printed labels, or customize labels with your own name or brand. As for the inker, each is specific to the brand and model of price gun you choose.

We have all the price guns and labels you need to itemize your products.


Tagger guns attach coupon or price tags to items by puncturing a small hole through the item. We have three different brands to choose from TG Tacher, Avery Dennison, Tach It Taggers. Pick any brand to find 2 types of tagging guns: standard or fine.

Based on the thickness of the fabric, different tagging guns is used. Fine Taggers is great for thinner or lighter fabric. Whereas, standard tagging guns are made for regular clothes like jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and other everyday clothes. For heavier items like jackets, you need a heavy duty needle which is attachable to standard tagging gun.

Tagger guns are simple and easy to use. Place fasteners into a small slit on top of the tagger gun, near the needle. Attach the appropriate needle based on the material you will be used against. Finally, fire the tagging gun onto the items.


Our Tagging and Price Guns makes it easy to price your products and get it onto the shelf. All of our labels have sticky adhesive and making a mistake can happen more often than you might imagine. We have Adhesive Remover or Metal Label Scrapers for removing the label without leaving a mark.

We have tags that fit with our tagging guns. From blank tags, manila color tags, bright red and yellow tags with "Sale Price” imprinted, to custom tags. For custom tags, call and work with our product experts to get the right design, size, and logo to make it your own.

Finally, we have security loops to prevent others from easily ripping off tags. They are manually attached to your items and can't be used with our tagging guns.

If you have any concerns, questions, or feedbacks, give us a call or email us. We are always glad to speak or hear from our loyal customers. 1-800-426-5708.

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