Pricing Guns & Tagging Guns

Pricing Guns & Tagging Guns

Pricing Guns & Labels

Pricing Guns, also known as “Labelers,” can be one of the most important devices in your entire store. Therefore, choosing the correct one can not only increase business, but can also assist in cutting down the time it takes you to label your products, which can help save you money! All Pricing Guns function the same but are designed differently depending on the manufacturer. Depending on how many lines your Price Gun has you can tag an item with prices, item numbers, or a combination of both.

At American Retail Supply we offer 4 different brands of Price Guns to choose from; Monarch, Avery Dennison, Meto & Garvey. These solid and reliable Price Guns are some of the most popular in the retail industry to use and are built to be long lasting & durable. The simple click-and-stick function of the Pricing Gun makes easy to use, especially for extensive labeling. Whether you need 1 Line or 2 Line Labelers, every brand has their own version. However, if 2 Lines is not enough, Monarch is the only Price Gun with a 3 Line option.

All Price Guns require labels and inkers. Each Pricing Gun accepts different colored labels depending on brand and line number. Although you are unable to customize the colors of the labels, you can customize what goes on the labels themselves. At American Retail Supply we have blank labels, printed labels, and the option to customize your labels with your own name or brand. As for InkersYou cannot share Labels or Inkers between different Pricing gun models.

Tagger Guns

Tagger Guns are simple and easy to use. Place fasteners into a small slit on top of the Tagger Gun near the needle and pull the trigger to attach coupons or price tags to items by puncturing a small hole through the item. At American Retail Supply we offer 3 different brands of Taggers to choose from; TG Tacher, Avery Dennison & Tack It Taggers.

Each of these brands feature two different types of Taggers; Standard or Fine. Based on the thickness of the fabric/material, different Tagging Guns are required. Fine Taggers are great for thinner/lighter material. Standard Tagging Gunsare made for regular to thicker material like jeans, sweaters & other everyday clothes. However, for heavier items like jackets you will need a heavy-duty needle which is attachable to the Standard Tagging Guns.

Price Marking Accessories

Our Tagging and Price Guns makes it easy to price your products and get it onto the shelf. All of our price gun labels have sticky adhesive and can leave a sticky residue behind. Thankfully, we have Adhesive Remover and Metal Label Scrapers for removing pesky price gun labels without leaving a mark!

Looking for tags that are compatible with your Tagging Gun? At American Retail Supply we have blank tags, manila color tags (single & double sided), bright red and yellow “Sale Price” tags and custom tags. For custom tags, call and work with our Product Experts to get the right size, color and design.

Looking to add some security to your items? Check out our security loops that can be attached to your items. These security loops are not easily removed and must be applied manually. Security Loops are not compatible with our Tagging Guns.

If you have any questions or want to talk to a Product Expert, call American Retail Supply at 1-800-426-5708

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