Advertising Aids

Advertising Aids

Retail Signage

Signage is one of the most ubiquitous tools in the retail industry. Frequently used to direct traffic, inform customers, and serve important marketing functions. Do you proudly sell products made in the United States? Use our “made in America” stickers to let your customers know. Is health and safety a priority? Our hand washing signs promote healthy habits. Offer insane holiday deals? A vibrant “Holiday Savings” sign card will point customers in the right direction. American Retail Supply’s collection is designed to provide retailers with the ability to send their customers any message they choose.

Sidewalk Signs

Outdoor signage is a powerful advertising tool. Drive more foot traffic with our selection of large-scale sidewalk and road signs. We carry several sizes of sidewalk sign frames, perfect for large graphics or menus. These sign frames also accept message panels with configurable lettering which are a great way to communicate hours or daily specials.

Sign Cards

American Retail Supply carries a variety of eye-catching write-on and printable sign cards. Creating great-looking, consistent signage without sacrificing your employees’ time can be a challenge; our professionally designed, printable sign cards are an uncompromising solution. Printable cards come in a huge number of graphics, from holiday themes to everyday specials.

Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are a quick cost-effective way to label merchandise. We offer printed stickers, like our made in America label, as well as plain florescent labels. Fluorescent labels are often used to color code products, assigning them a price group, or indicating compatibility.

Metal Sign Card Frames

High quality sign holders help keep the focus on what your signage is trying to say. American Retail Supply provides versatile and attractive sign holders to help you deploy your message professionally, anywhere in your store. For instance, our magnetized clamps allow customers to securely mount signage on rectangular tubing.

Vinyl Envelopes and Sign Holders

Vinyl envelopes and pouches are used to protect and hang signage. They are especially effective in areas that are vulnerable to the elements, like outdoor bars or displays. They also offer two display faces and greater accessibility than other sign holders. This means retailers can provide additional information, for instance placing a product comparison on the other side of a pricing sheet.

Open/Closed Sign

Nearly every brick-and-mortar store uses some variation of an open/close sign. Our sign features a configurable message board and suction cups that attach securely to windows.

Floor Signs

Floor signs are an effective way to direct traffic. These signs are popular with businesses that have lots of foot traffic. Deploying them at checkout areas and other gathering areas can help keep things organized.

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