Gift Card Holders

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Gift Card Holders

Gift Card Holders

Allow your custom gift cards to have the perfect packaging for your customers. Customers will be excited from the moment they recieve the box as a gift from their friends or family. Check out the sleek options of the Sophie Collection that has matching bags and jewlery boxes available to coordinated your entire store packaging. 

Sophie Collection Gift Card Folders

The Sophie collection gift card folders are a stylish gift card packaging solution which includes an envelope, ribbon, and matching insert which holds the card. Many businesses only provide the insert portion, which houses the card but does not obscure it, meaning that some wrapping is likely to be required before the gift can be given. Sophie collection folders come ready to gift and the design of the inserts and envelopes are consistent. 

Sophie Collection Gift Card Boxes

Sophie Collection Gift Card Boxes are a stylish way to package gift cards. These boxes feature high contrast accents tracing the corners and perimeter of the box. Precise slits secure the gift cart to the roof of the box. This arrangement allows for products, greeting cards or additional packaging to be placed in the box without obscuring or displacing the gift card. 

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