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Dressing a Mannequin


How do I dress this mannequin, the arms do not bend! It depends on which type of mannequin that you have. Most mannequins are fiberglass or plastic and have detachable legs, torso, and arms. 

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High Density Plastic vs Low Density Plastic


HDPE is the 2nd most commonly recycled plastic. HDPE is the 2nd most commonly recycled plastic. It is used to make a large number of items from plastic milk jugs, park benches, hard hats and many other things. LDPE is the 4th most commonly recycled plastic. It is used to make packaging foam, shipping envelopes, trash cans and liners, floor tiles and more.

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What is Hot Stamping?

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping (aka foil stamping) is often used to imprint paper, plastic bags, boxes, labels, tags, business cards and more. It is a process in which your artwork is printed by melting a hot stamp foil onto the item.

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3 Benefits That Come From Using Eco-Friendly Bags

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

It is a wise thing for you to start using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags or paper bags. They make most of these bags out of the materials that will not cause any environmental pollution. This means it will not harm or cause any adverse effect on our surroundings or environment.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Begin to Use Slatwall

Textured Slatwall

If you want to optimize the utilization of the space in your store, you should prefer to use Slatwall. They come in handy and can free up space in your store giving you more room to do a floor display or simple walk around the store. The best part of this beautiful product is that you can easily attach them to the existing walls in the room.

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How to Identify and Label Old Items for Sale


Are you opening a store or planning to sell items that are considered dated or old? Selling items from yesteryear requires proper research and price labeling by merchants like you. There are many different terms to classify some old items from others, but those who are not collectables or historians only see them as just plain “old”.

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