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Most Common type of Food Packaging material

Food packaging is not just used for holding the food but also to protect it against damage and to define the portion size. However, many startups or people new to food business don't know the packaging options available to them.


In this article, we will share the most common type of Food Packaging materials out there.

Aseptic Packaging for Sterile Foods

This type of packaging is used to pack food items such as liquid eggs, milk products etc. Aseptic package is made from a material obtained by mixing paper, aluminium, and polyethylene. They also contain a tight lid that prevents liquid from leaking or contaminating other foods. Most pharmaceutical products are packaged in this type of packaging.


Trays are used to put drinks, meats, and other foods so that they can be carried easily. They are also mostly flat surfaced with slight edges to keep the food from falling. They are usually made from paperboard or foam.


Bags are also used for packaging food. It is mostly used to pack snacks such as chips, biscuits, etc. Bagging is done to prevent the food from interacting with the air. This keeps the food lasting for long.


Boxes are used to pack food items for transportation. Most common material used for boxes is corrugated fiber. Anything from pizzas to cereals, all these foods are packaged in boxes.


Cans work wonders in preserving and transporting food. Cans are mostly made of steel or other forms of thin metal. Canned foods can also put in glass jars at home.


Cartons are oftentimes used interchangeably with boxes. They are also made from corrugated fiberboard and work best for food transportation purposes. Cartons are sub-categorized into four other types. The most common type of carton is an egg carton which is shaped to fit an egg. They are designed in such a way that they provide added protection to the fragile eggs. Cartons are also made of aseptic material to hold foods like milk, juices, and soup. Another category is called the folding cartons. They are flat pieces of fiberboard that are assembled by the food producers to package their food items. The last category in cartons is known as gable top. These cartons usually hold milk or juice and come with gables that need to be pulled open to pour out the contents of the carton.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging protects the food from the environment and make it possible for the food to be carried safely. The most common type of food stored in this type of packaging is bagged salad.


This type of packaging is ideal for single food items. It keeps the food protected from the environment and an added layer of protection between the food and the person. Candies are the most commonly wrapped in this type of package.

Food Packaging

These are some of the most common types of food packaging materials that are being used today. You can use this list to identify where your food fits!


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