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Smart Occupancy

SmartOccupancy uses a combination of the most accurate overhead people counting sensor in our range Visiplus 3D, with our cloud based software portal HALO.

  • Trend analysis in the cloud helps Head office or Regional Managers.
  • Promote Safe Shopping by allowing customers to see how many people are in the store.
  • Analyze daily/weekly occupancy levels in stores across their region.
  • Monitor store compliance to maintain the threshold set.
  • Powerful reporting showing conversion rates, average sale and more.

SmartOccupancy solution gives you real-time visibility of the occupancy levels in your retail environment. Store managers can set and change threshold levels via the online portal.

  • MANAGES MULTIPLE COUNTING: The sensor can count separately how many people entered and exited from each of the store‚Äôs doors.
  • CALCULATES TOTAL FROM MULTIPLE ZONES : The solution gives a clear view of multiple thresholds with the overall store total included.
  • RECOGNIZES U-TURNS MOVEMENTS: if a customer enters, then exits the store immediately, reducing false counts.
  • PRECISE COUNTING IN CROWDED AREAS: other technologies lose the accuracy in crowded areas. Our SmartOccupancy solution keeps high accuracy in crowded areas.
  • For stores with high shrink rates, the solution can help managers deploy staff efficiently, combating risk and deterring theft more effectively.

With real-time visibility of the occupancy levels in store, SmartOccupancy helps Store Managers make decisions with live data. The dashboard with color warning indicates where there is about to be a breach in the threshold, while real-time alerts are sent to staff to prompt action. Trend analysis in the cloud helps Regional Managers analyze daily/weekly number of customers across all stores, monitor store compliance and amend threshold limits.