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Review-it is a simple, yet innovative way to provide surveys to your customers in-store. Always have conversations with customers using Review-it.

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Engage Customer to Measure Service in your Store

Quick and easy reporting

You can easily view your store reviews on merchant app on any device.

Create engaging promo

Don't forget to create your own store promo to engage customers

Associate service board

Create your team's associate service board and develop training plan

Customize conversations

Develop your own surveys, suitable for your in-store location

Get notifications

Get daily or weekly notifications about store or system performance

No integration needed

You don't need to integrate Review-it with your existing systems

Choose Your Review-it Plan


  • Dashboard: View and export live data
  • Conversations: Get positive & negative ratings from your customers at store
  • Multi-store & Multi-device: Get customer ratings at multiple access points in your store or in multiple stores
  • Health Check: One less thing to worry about, receive automatic notification when the device or the app turns off
  • Live Low Rating Feedback: Receive a notification instantly or daily when a customer leaves a negative rating
  • Know your Customers: Filter/view emails and respective ratings from your customers



  • Dashboard Updates: Receive Weekly or Monthly updates of your dashboard
  • More Conversations: Ask your customers unlimited number of questions ex: specific product or employee feedback etc.
  • Offer Promotions: Entice Customers to take a survey by offering a coupon
  • Invite Back Customers: Offer coupons for your customers’ next visits and give them reason to come back
  • Promotion Banner: Create a screensaver to advertise your promotion
  • Survey Templates: Save time by using a prebuilt template.

Pro + Essentials

Tablet Stands

Choose from 2 types of Tablet Stands. The larger stand is floor standing and the smaller stand sits perfect on the counter top. Both of these stands securely lock to keep your tablet safe.

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