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Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom

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Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom
Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom started as an internal training manual for us here at American Retail Supply. I shared some of the ideas in the manual with Clients via my twice weekly Marketing Tip of the Week that gets delivered via email. In response to Clients asking for more tips on Client service I expanded our training manual into Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom. Please understand that the type of service in Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom is the type of service you should expect from American Retail Supply every time. There are two reasons Ive priced the book with huge quantity discounts: 1. If you like the book I want you to be able to get one for each of your team members (employees).
2. If you want to sell it, I want you to make a nice profit. The cover price for the book is $24.16. At 113 pages the book is designed to be a quick read and easy to use resource for everyone in your store(s).
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