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Hangers & Sizers

Hangers & Sizers

American Retail Supply offers wide variety of Wholesale Clothing Hangers - wooden hangers, plastic hangers, suit hangers, skirt and pant hangers, top hangers, children hangers or outwear hangers. Our hangers are durable in quality and offered in different sizes. There is an old saying, "Use the right tool for the right job." The same could apply to hangers. Selecting a specific hanger or accessory depends on what you need to display. Wooden hangers are a classic look, while Metal or Plastic hangers may work better as sample hangers or on a garment rack or hangrail. If you have merchandise that you need to hang, but can't fit it on a traditional hanger, then hanger clips may be the way to go.

Clothes hangers aren’t complete without some accessories. Consider size markers and size dividers to label and organize your products. Other accessories preserve and protect your clothes from damage like our foam cover.

If you have question or want a direct shipping quote, please contact us at 800-426-5708.

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