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What is Hot Stamping?

There are many ways to imprint retail packing items. Depending on the product and manufacture, these can include hot stamping, ink printing, digital printing, embossing and silk screening. Here we will discuss hot stamping. Hot stamping (aka foil stamping) is often used to imprint paper, frosted plastic bags, boxes, labels, tags, business cards and more. It is a process in which your artwork is printed by melting a foil onto the item. Foil stamping is a preferred method if you want a metallic imprint, however not all hot stamp foils are Metallic also available in Matte. Foil Stamping is also ideal if the bag, box or other item is darker than the print. For example, hot stamping would be best for a black bag with a white imprint. While a white bag with black imprint can be accomplished using the hot stamping or the less expensive ink print method.

Hot Stamping

After your proof is approved, the image is etched onto a foil stamping plate (also known as a metal die). The foil film is unrolled and sandwiched between the plate and bag, box or other product. The plate and product are then pressed together. Through heat and pressure (hence the term "Hot Stamping") the thin layer of foil is then transferred off the roll and onto the bag, box or another item.

All hot stamping requires a printing plate. Plates are kept on file for at least two years. If your order is repeated within that time frame, you will not be charged the hot stamp plate fee on reorders. There is no need to worry if your hot stamped packaging item will come out to your liking. We send free samples, and you will get plenty of proofs during the ordering process ensuring your bags, boxes, or other items turn out exactly how you want it.

Do you wonder if foil stamping is best for you? Call us at 800-426-5708 or E-mail, and one of our experts will consult with you.


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