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The Proper Maintenance, Service, and Use of Price Guns

Maintenance and Service tips to practice so your pricing gun stays in top shape.


Apply Labels on Dry and Clean Surface

In general, labels are unable to stick properly on surfaces that are covered with dust or those that are wet/frozen. If you have products and items that have a rather complex surface, be sure that you get the right adhesive to ensure that the labels stick to them well.

Do Not Force the Gun When Jammed

There are times when the gun’s trigger suddenly jams or locks. Forcing it to work will only result in further damage. If you are not well-versed in repairing, do not hesitate to ask for help. Fixing a jam is fairly easy and you can learn how to quickly repair the gun when someone shows you how to do it.

Handle with Care

When you are done using the price gun, it is important that you set it aside by simply placing it down gently rather than tossing it. When you toss it, you are increasing the chances of the knobs, dials and other parts breaking.

Pricing Gun

Replace the Ink Rollers Immediately When Needed

Ink rollers normally dry out when they are not used for a long time. It can become flaky and can cause more damage to the gun when not replaced as soon as possible. The ideal time to replace ink rollers is at least every three months or after around 20,000 impressions. However, if the climate of the environment is dry, the ink rollers should be replaced more frequently because it could dry out faster in such conditions.

Check the Labels

Sometimes, the damage to the pricing gun is not in the gun itself but with the labels that are put in it. So, before you put anything in the gun, make sure you do proper inspection. See if the labels are incompatible, defective, or old.

Clean Frequently

As soon as you notice that there are labels stuck either inside or outside of the pricing gun, you should remove them immediately. Remember the longer stuck or jammed label stays inside the gun, the harder it will be to clean them in the future.

Be Firm, Not Hard

When using pricing gun labels, you are told to hold on to it with a firm grip.  Your grip should just be strong enough to hold the gun in place but it should still offer room for the parts to move. If you squeeze harder than intended you risk breaking the delicate and important gears inside the gun.