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Shelves are used Every Day: How to Make most use from your Shelves

While often overlooked, retail shelving units play a significant role in determining the success of a store. With the right type of shelving, business can soar as you are allowed to display more products and create a more comfortable shopping experience for your customers. Store shelving is an essential strategy for success in any business. It can affect not only the profits, but also the overall reputation of a store. Therefore, it is vital for store owners to integrate high-quality shelves to ensure they portray the right image of their business.

 Here are some tips for selecting the right type of shelves for your products.

The market presents numerous kinds of retail shelving, There is  wire shelving, gondolas,  end caps  and so much more. Although there is a vast selection of shelving units, don't feel pressured to use them all. Instead, try selecting the ones that matches your store and business needs. If your store sells high-end clothing, then you should go for a shelving unit that is aesthetically appealing. By doing so, you are highlighting your products while also elevating your store in comparison to others.

quick tip: consider what makes your product attractive. With this in mind, it can be easier choose shelves that brings out the best in your products.


Picking the right size of shelves

 The goal of shelving is to display your products in a way that clients can notice them even from a distance. Although it is one of the best ways to organize your store, it can also take up a lot of space if you add too much shelving. For instance, if you have a smaller store, including a two-sided gondola is a bad idea, because it will use up a lot of floor space and you won’t be able to display everything else. Instead, a better approach would be to use a one-sided gondola and install it against the walls of your store. Similarly, if you have a larger store, you shouldn’t go for too small of store shelving as it can disappear amongst your merchandise.


quick tip: Think of yourself as the customer. Where are your eyes drawn to when you first enter the space, and what is the easiest organizational floor plan that allows for comfortable mobility. Not only will this help you choose the right shelves to install, but will also help you decide if you want to add a features slatwall, or display cabinets to go with your shelves. Thus creating a functional and appealing shopping experience for all customers.


Adhering to the universal principles of shelf planning

Choosing the right type and size of shelves for your space is the best way to make the most of your store. However, none of it will matter if you fail to comply with the recommended principles of shelf planning. These principles are vital, not just in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the shelves, but also in making it easier for your clients to buy from your store. As a business owner who is focused on getting a return on investment, you do not want to make it difficult for your clients to shop at your store.

A few tips on shelf planning principles are:

  • Present your merchandise from premium to economy
  • Present your merchandise by sub-category, then brand
  • Color block wherever possible
  • Your house brand should be placed next to the brand leader
  • Place profit generators and best-selling products at eye level