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Plastic Bags

Top 5 benefits of using Poly Bags

Poly Bags

Even though there are numerous methods to package items in the year 2021, polybag packaging remains one of the most popular — and for a good reason: it's fantastic for branding, is weatherproof, and sturdy. It can be used for virtually any product you can think of. Polybag packaging is a less expensive and faster approach to package your product. Let's go through five of the many advantages of poly bags.

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Kinds of Stores That Could Use T Shirt Bags

If you are running a store, you might have quickly learned that plastic shopping bags offer plenty of room for several items at a time. For shoppers that only want to purchase a couple of smaller items, however, a regular-sized shopping bag might look and feel excessive. You need a smaller bag to give to shoppers, in this case, and fortunately, they exist.

T-Shirt Bag

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Why the Name T Shirt Bags and What are its Uses?

Plastic t-shirt bags have so many more uses than just bringing home the groceries. They are used to carry almost everything when moving around.

First things first, you might wonder why it is called a T-shirt bag and what are its origins? Well, first if you hold up a plastic T-shirt bag with its handles, it will look more like a sleeveless T-shirt, hence the name! They are indeed durable and yes, attractive unlike other forms of plastic bags.

T-Shirt Bag

Its origin dates back to mid-1960s when a Swedish Company Celloplast came up with the idea of having a sealed bottom for the plastic tube and has the other end punched out to form handles. The company even got a US patent for this idea which later hit most grocery stores in the US by early 1980s in the form of plastic T shirt bags.

The use of these bags has risen in the recent past. If you happen to use plastic and you are wondering what to do with those plastic bags after getting home with your stuff, here are interesting ways for making the most of the T-shirt bag.

  • Do Double Duty: Ensure you reuse them to bring home the next batch before discarding them as long as the quality is pretty good.
  • Coating Meat: You can place flour and spices in a plastic t-shirt bag after that add, beef, chicken or other meats in it, then hold the top and shake well for the meat to be well coated. This will be much cheaper than using zip lock bags.
  • Making Outdoor Mats: Plastic t-shirt bags can also be cut into strips and crocheting them into good mats such as out doormat and also braided mats. The resulting mats are lightweight and can roll up into small sizes.
  • Jar Sealers: To prevent the contents of a jar leak out in a suitcase, consider using plastic t-shirt bag pieces inside the lid of the jar in order to form a double seal. This prevents the content from leaking.
  • Paint Guards: You can also use these bags under furniture when painting to splatter guard the floor.
  • Wiper Protectors: T-shirt bag can be placed around the wiper blades of the car to protect them from the snow and ice buildup especially when it is kept outside.
  • None Stick surface: A plastic t-shirt bag can be used on the countertop as a nonstick surface when rolling dough to reduce the mess than on the cutting board or counter top
  • As Plaster Casts: Choose to wrap the plastic bags around the cast on a broken leg or arm, this helps to protect it when you are taking a shower.
  • Foot Protection: Plastic bags can be put on feet inside the snow boots or rubber boots to keep them dry.
  • Head Protection: Another function of plastic bags is that it can be worn on the head like a rain hat.

T shirt bags have a lot more uses which are not discussed here. Ensure you buy from the right supplier offering the best thickness and dimensions.

How to Choose the Right Packaging and Shopping Bags?

Shopping Bags

There are a few important reasons and motivations determining what the packaging material and shopping bags will look like. One such motivation is to protect the products ensuring safe delivery to the consumers while the other reason is mainly for advertisement purposes. Well-designed packaging and bags speak on your behalf and help increase awareness of your business.

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Why Purchase Stock Bags When You Can Order Custom Plastic Bags With Your Logo

Custom Plastic Bags

Do you realize the pros that come with the use of custom plastic bags? If you don’t, this is all the valuable information you need to know.

Running a business is no mean feat; setting it up will need you to invest substantial capital. If your finances are inadequate, you might be forced to lend some from a financial institution, friends, or family. It even gets worse when you realize that you have competitors. How will you stay ahead of the pack? You will need to maintain your customers/clients and then attract new ones.

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Benefits of Using Reusable and Ecofriendly Shopping Bags

Plastic days are behind us. This is the age of responsible living and it is time we changed our destructive habits to make this world a better place. The good news is that ever since the plastic ban has been imposed, its usage has dropped significantly. People are making conscious decision to use reusable shopping bags instead of littering the earth with plastic.

Reusable Bags

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Ultimate Guide To Using Plastic Packaging Bags

When choosing packaging for your store, plastic bags are a wonderful option. They are made of flexible and thin plastic textile or film and come in various designs and types. Additionally,plastic bags come in 2 main densities, high and low, as well as a variety of thickness.With so many different options avalible, here is a guide to help narrow down your choices. 

plastic bag

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5 Benefits Of Reusable Shopping Bags For Grocery Stores

Disposable shopping bags are commonly used everywhere including department stores and gas stations. These lightweight bags make the shopping experience easier. With the average American using about 6 shopping bags a week, about 1.8 billion bags are discarded weekly by the population of about 30 million. Luckily, you can easily find reusable shopping bags to offer to your customers. Consider these 5 benefits of reusable shopping bags for grocery stores. 

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