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How Do They Make the Twisted Paper Handle for the Paper Bags?

The handles have originally been made of kraft paper like the bags themselves. The twisted paper handle was decided upon as rolling up a paper makes it thick and durable when held in a person’s hands. When paper is also twisted in this manner, it is easy to bend in an arch so that the handle is easy to grip and bond to the bag.

A professional glue is used to bond the ends of these handles to a lining inside the bags. For added security, a piece of paper would be glued onto the area where the ends of the handles were glued. This kept the handles from becoming loose over time. The early fears in paper bags with twisted paper handles was that they would fail to hold up when carrying a lot of weight, but these bags have ended up performing very well up to a certain weight limit.

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7 Benefits of Using Paper Shopping Bags

Shopping bags

Paper shopping bags are gaining importance as these bags are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, and at the same time environment friendly. Possessing paper shopping bags is practical, and you can use them to bring your groceries as good quality bags can withstand more weight than plastic bags. 

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Looking For A Bag With A Rustic And Natural Feeling?

Plastic bags are often the go-to choice due to their affordability, Other factors may play a part too such as the variety of colors, smaller packaging, quantity vs quality.,. However, plastic is an artificial, man-made material that may not be ideal for the message that you trying to send. Plastic is considered a detriment to the environment, Whether it is the process of making the bag or when the bag is discarded into the wilderness.

With that said, while and brown paper kraft bags might be more expensive to make and buy in bulk.They are the environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Below are some of the advantages of using Brown paper bags

Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bags Are More Natural

Paper bags don’t come in as many colors as plastic bags, but brown is such a soothing color to use, regardless. It is a color that signifies nature, stability, and comfort. Brown shopping bags can also pull off a more rustic or natural look.

Brown paper bags are textured and grainy, while giveing off an entirely different effect for when you opt to print your brand on them. Paper bags also come in a variety of colors, so if you are looking to show off your brand in in your colors, you certainly can do so with paper bags..

Brown Bags Are Durable

Plastic is considered to be a durable material, but it also can be penetrated fairly easily to punctures from sharp or blunt objects.

Brown paper bags are considered thicker than plastic, and do not stretch. So regardless of how many items you fill it with, that paper will more likely hold up compared to plastic. Paper can tear, which we cannot deny, but is still the stronger option..

Brown Bags Are Reusable

Brown bags simply can be used again and again.Brown bags can fold into a flat shape for storage, and can easily be recovered for later use.

Brown bags can be stacked, stored in a box, on a shelf, in a cabinet, or other convenient places around the home. If your store uses these brown bags, customers will be sure to think twice before throwing them away.


Brown bags are great for marketing stores that want to give off a rustic or environmentally friendly vibe. They also are wonderful for their capabilities of being used again and again by customers, as well as their tendency of hold up well against heavyier objects.

Custom Printed Bags Are Advertising That Your Customers Do For You

Here are the key reasons why you should plan on getting customized shopping bags.

As a business owner, you must be spending so much money on advertising and marketing in an endeavor to bring more leads and to increase the traffic to your store. But, most of the marketing methods that you might be spending is pretty costly and in most cases, are inefficient. So many other tactics are available which you can use to boost your business.

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Benefits of Using Reusable and Ecofriendly Shopping Bags

Plastic days are behind us. This is the age of responsible living and it is time we changed our destructive habits to make this world a better place. The good news is that ever since the plastic ban has been imposed, its usage has dropped significantly. People are making conscious decision to use reusable shopping bags instead of littering the earth with plastic.

Reusable Bags

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5 Benefits Of Reusable Shopping Bags For Grocery Stores

Disposable shopping bags are commonly used everywhere including department stores and gas stations. These lightweight bags make the shopping experience easier. With the average American using about 6 shopping bags a week, about 1.8 billion bags are discarded weekly by the population of about 30 million. Luckily, you can easily find reusable shopping bags to offer to your customers. Consider these 5 benefits of reusable shopping bags for grocery stores. 

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Gift Bags Vs. Gift Boxes: Which Is Best for Presents?

Gift wrapping has become less popular in recent years, as more people are opting to buy gift bags instead. The obvious reason why this change is a popular one is because gift wrapping can be rather messy and time consuming. Gift bags on the other hand, are easy to deal with and reusable. Another option that you can consider are gift boxes, which are rectangular and sturdy containers that also can be reused. Rather than wrapping paper, two piece gift boxes are great alternatives. Both gift bags and gift boxes have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are a few factors to mull over when choosing one over the other.


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