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How To Make A SMALL Store Feel BIG

Small can be cozy, but sometimes, having more room - be it real or perceived - is essential. You can make any room in your home look bigger by creating the illusion of a larger space.

Example: Bright white walls and an open floor space.  Example: What are you looking for again? 

Here are 5 tips on how to make your shop feel BIG.

(Tips are excerpted from this excellent article by the TrueValue Company)

Use color to your advantage.

Do what decorators do - choose a word to describe your favorite style, like "seaside", "sunny" or "peaceful," and come up with colors to match. Small, square rooms look larger if you paint two opposite walls the same color, especially one that's deep and dark. This is because the intensity of color will create depth in the room and visually open up its dimensions. Light colors can have a huge impact on making the store look larger.  

Let as much light in as possible.

Using light with the right paint colors adds the illusion of a bigger room. Natural light opens up a space. During the day, keep curtains and blinds open to let light in, especially if you have large windows.

Keep floor space as clear as possible.

You may want a couch when a love seat or chairs work best in the space. Chairs can be placed out of the way in corners or against the wall and then moved in when needed. Be creative.

Plan your focal points.

A focal point makes a room feel focused and cohesive and draws attention away from any clutter, making the room feel like it has more space. Plus don't forget to use mirrors, if you place them in the correct spots, you can give depth as well as brighten the room. 

Maintain bright floors.

Keep floors or floor coverings light in color to add to the illusion of more space. Lightly colored wood or light, neutral carpet colors make a room appear brighter and more open. Remove any over-sized rugs. They can make a room look smaller than it actually is.