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Get inspired by these 5 Places to use Wall Panels

Decorating a store is mainly done with the aim of attracting customers to the shop. 3D Wall panels have become a popular tool for such design projects, with numerous methods of applying these fixtures to an outlet available.

Your store is meant to portray a particular public image according to the type of branding you have implemented. If your main focus is on high-end jewelry, for example, then your shop will most likely be designed to portray a feeling of luxury and grandeur. This is achieved by applying various styles and methods to the decoration of your outlet.

The interior design of a retail outlet is something that takes time, creativity, and innovation. No one wants to develop an unattractive appearance for their property, so choosing suitable tools and strategies can ensure your shop maintains an appealing outlook - and entices potential customers who pass through its doors. An excellent way of enhancing the interior appeal of your store is through the addition of wall panels to certain sections.

3D Wall panels

A wall panel is a covering that is placed on a wall for decorative or practical purposes. It is usually rectangular in shape and comes in different colors and designs. The latest addition to this product is 3D wall panels that offer a multidimensional appearance to the place they are installed. There are many ways in which you can implement these 3D wall panels to the interior design of your store, giving it a unique appearance that separates it from the competition. Some of these include:

Ceiling Installation

Putting 3D wall panels on the ceiling enhances the overall appearance of this sector. Most ceilings are drab and plain looking, with nothing but a coat of paint to help with its appearance. Installing these panels can set your shop apart from its rivals.

Entranceway Installation

Installing 3D panels on the walls of both sides of the entrance is a great first impression for any customer that walks in. Their stylish appearance is the first thing a potential consumer will come across, enhancing their confidence in the store’s goods, management, and general facilities.

Behind the Counter

Installing 3D wall panels behind a certain counter is a great way to attract a customer to the products advertised in that sector. It will help break the monotony of the background, making the consumer take notice when their eyes come across that segment.

Passageway Installation

If your retail space contains some passageways in its designs, then installing 3D wall panels in these spaces is another great way to enhance the outlet’s overall appeal. It also helps to add color and life to shops that might otherwise only have one color to their name.

Reception Area

If you have a waiting area in your outlet, then this will be an ideal location to install these wall panel products. Such a design can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in which your customers can comfortably wait for their turn. The panels can be installed just behind the seating area, as well as the walls enclosing this section if applicable.

The color and texture chosen will also play a large role in the overall appearance given out by the panels.