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ESL Newsletter IX

There are 6 ways that electronic shelf labels can help retailers manage inventory levels in the store. By Eileen Keehan

 Maintaining inventory levels is the lifeblood of the retail industry: Too much inventory leads to overstocks and too little inventory leads to out-of-stocks. According to the IHL Group, overstocks and out-of-stocks, or inventory distortion as the analyst firm refers to it, cost retailers close to $1.1 trillion a year globally.


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ESL Newsletter VIII

Multi-channel retail is making your products available for purchase using more than one outlet: common multi-channel would include online platforms such as your website, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Etsy, and offline channels such as a brick-and-mortar store, pop-up stores at Farmers Markets, sporting or music venues and other physical outlets.


Having a multi-channel presence in retail is more critical than ever before. Merchants can no longer focus their efforts entirely in the brick and mortar world, or entirely online, both are of equal importance. Retailers who don’t keep up with technology will, no doubt, lose out on and future growth. Not only is it essential to have a robust multi-channel presence it must be a cohesive experience across all the channels. According to the Pew Research Center only 21% of people that shop in a brick and mortar store do not check prices online, that means most shoppers check prices online before making a purchase. As the shoppers who have been around this technology their entire lives gain wealth, this trend will continue and grow. Before too many years nearly every customer in your store will check the price online before making a purchase.


This is where Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) come into play as a critical component of the multi-channel experience. ESL's can tie to your inventory system. Change a price in your POS/inventory system, the label, website and the register will all show the same information. You can imagine the embarrassment and loss of customer loyalty if your customer found a price on your website that was higher (or lower) than it is in the physical store.  Customers will very often check their phone for reviews and additional information on a product in a brick and mortar store.  With an ESL you could display a 3D barcode that directs them to either the manufactures site or your site lowering the chances they will even look at a competitor’s site.



For these reasons and many more incorporating Electronic Shelf Labels as part of your marketing and store operation plan is critical.


Did you get to join our Webinar about ESL's? Here is what was covered.


 What are Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s)? ESL's are a new innovative, exciting and modern technology for brick and mortar stores. With the threat of online competition, information-hungry consumers, and changing trends, NOW more than ever, you need ESL's not only to survive but to thrive in the dawn of a New Brick and Mortar Retail Age. Learn more about ESL’s and get any questions answered in our informative 20 min webinar.

 In this webinar you will:


 •    Learn how ESL's work

 •    See ESL's in action

 •    Discover how ESL's will lower labor costs & increase profit

 •    Find out what type of stores are currently using ESL's

 •    Have the opportunity to ask questions about ESL's

ESL Newsletter VI

ESL Can Reinvent the Retail Experience

The modern consumer demands more and is ever keen on initiatives by a retailer to enhance their shopping experience. An advanced solution to ensure shoppers always get the price right is to invest in the industry revolutionizing electronic shelf labels.       

We are slowly but progressively moving to a paperless generation thanks to technology advancement which is redefining market trends. As a retail store owner, you must be at the forefront of market changes especially when you can adapt them to make your day to day operations simpler. Currently, the innovation that is causing ripples in how retail stores are run is the use of digital tags which are proving to be the perfect replacement for the traditional paper tags.

A specific area of interest is in the use of electronic shelf labels which has marked new dawn on the running of futuristic brick and mortar retail businesses. It is no secret that online stores have brought about an enhanced level of competition given that they take advantage of current demands by making instant adjustments to their prices. The same benefits can now be adopted by physical stores who embrace ESL which have taken over as the go-for pricing technique.


My bringing to your store electronic shelf labels, you get to have an instant advantage as you can get to make use of real-time pricing strategies for increased sales.  The power to remotely change the price of a label gives you a competitive edge as you have at your fingertips a tool that will instantly capture the attention of shoppers. Every savvy consumer today will always double checks the price before making a purchase and has an idea where they can find a better deal for similar products. However, by introducing electronic shelf labels, you can get to beat the competitor’s prices in real time by making slight adjustments to your current pricing.

The adoption of electronic shelf labels also goes a long way in helping you to monitor consumer behavior which is vital when formulating long-term plans for the operation of your store. Information is power, and by taking note of how price differences impact purchases in your store, subtle changes can be made for increased footfall. Utilizing simple techniques like planning product locations in the retail store depending on sales can see you double your sales almost overnight. Consumers are equally moved by a personal touch and in showing detailed product information in the electronic labels market trust is built as you get to create a customized appeal.

All the benefits of using ESL are made more practical by the of installation which ensures you get to enjoy super savings right from the word go. You will also get the joys of canceling all those regular orders on paper labels which are getting pricier by the day. Electronic shelf labels are in all evaluations more than a passing wave but a modern solution that gives you an enhanced pricing mechanism with the benefits reflected by consumer behavior.

ESL Newsletter VII

Do you want your store to become part of the "New Brick and Mortar Retail Age"  or would you prefer to be left behind? If you would prefer to prosper, and not be left behind in this New Brick and Mortar Retail Age, Electronic Shelf Labels are for you.


 There are many benefits of using Electronic Shelf Labels. A few of them include:


 •    Cut Costs: Labor and supply cost savings for printing, replacing and managing price labels that are costly, time-consuming & error prone

 •    Increase Sales: Price match or launch new offers in close to real-time with speed, agility, and consistency

 •    Protect margins: Easily graduate markdowns and avoid flash sales to protect margins and reduce waste

 •    Inform shoppers: Show price per unit, product ratings or more detailed information about the product on shelf label itself


 Coming soon to a computer near you Webinar "Electronic Shelf Labels - The Future of Electronic Shelf Labels."

Click here to watch a quick video introduction for Electronic Shelf Labels that is gaining popularity very fast.

ESL Newsletter III

As most retailers can attest, perceived inconsistencies between the online and offline worlds can lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately lost sales. Consumers believe it’s not possible to receive the same promotion or rebate in-store as online. They also believe that prices are always lower online and inventory is more accurately portrayed online than in a physical store. These perceptions are among the reasons that consumers are increasingly bypassing the physical store in favor of shopping online. Brick and mortar stores must find a way to create seamless channel experiences in order to maintain customers’ desire for consistent in-store experiences and real-time product information.


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ESL Newsletter IV

Today more than ever the customer must be first, shopping should be an experience, pricing must be up to date and information abundant. Successful stores are doing what they can to create a customer-centric experience, deliver personalization and invest in any way to attract and keep shoppers. The question begs “How do I create an experience?” “How do I match an online store’s ability to update pricing quickly?” "How do I give customers the information needed to make an informed decision?”

While there are no magic bullets in life or business, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are an answer.ESL

What are Electronic Labels you ask?
Electronic Shelf Labels are in essence a small highly affordable monitor (starting at under $20.00 each) that will display the price and other information about your products. These labels, or monitors, communicate wirelessly and can interact with your POS system. They also use "Stand-Alone", this allows you to change what is on an individual label, labels in a specific department, a location in the store or the entire store. ESL's provide a quick and easy method of automating the updating any shelf-edge, anywhere in seconds – creating audit trails in the process. Such friction-less pricing frees associates to focus on customers while saving time and money.

Coming soon to a screen near you; American Retail Supply's Webinar "Electronic Shelf Labels - the Future of In-Store Signage". Watch your e-mail for details soon.

To learn more about ESLs click HERE

E-mail info@americanretailsupply of call 800-426-5708

ESL Newsletter V

Yes, that $2.75 coffee cup is $2.75.  Not too sure about you but it irks me when I see a price that says $1.79 plus tax, and when I get to the register it is $1.99 plus tax. Most of the time businesses will let it pass as I may be remembering wrong or it is just not worth mentioning. If this happens often enough, I may consider shopping somewhere else, sure your customer feels the same way.

Now for the first time in retail, you can rest assured that 100% of the time your price labels display the same price as the register rings up. Eliminate manual pricing errors, increase customer loyalty, and have control over your shelf label price adjustments.


Reduce pricing errors

 Eliminate shelf pricing mistakes. Your price labels will match your back-end database and prices at the register every time, right on time, all the time.

Improve customer loyalty

 Not only will you eliminate the embarrassing and costly mistake where the shelf prices do not match the prices at your registers but with Bluetooth technology built into ESLs, frequent buyers can be sent information on their cell phone.

No lost sales from unpriced goods

 With electronic price labels all items in-store will have a price - if not, the software will notify you that there's a problem.

Speed pulling up and improve accuracy

 Do you have or are you planning on having a service where your customers can place an order on their phone and the items will be waiting or delivered to them? Our labels will alert the person pulling the order, saving time and errors.

Provide information.

 Customers are hungry for information in this information age. With Electronic Shelf Labels you can display much more than merely the price.  Explain the features, mention other complementary products and so much more.

 Coming soon to a screen near you;  American Retail Supply's Webinar "Electronic Shelf Labels - the Future of In-Store Signage".  Watch your e-mail for details soon.

ESL Newsletter II

I find it rather amazing that stores, large and small, who have spent thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands on a store's decor and POS system still use paper tags and signs to price their products. They are essentially doing the same thing for in-store signage that was done 100 or even 200 years ago. If you are among the vast majority of retailers in the US that still use only paper tags and signs you have a good reason because until recently that was your only choice. The 21st Century and the information age finally comes to the store shelf.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are indeed the future of in-store signage. With ESLs you can quickly change prices to meet or beat the competitor, easily add marketing phrases to the label, grab customer’s attention and provide a vast amount of information. Also if used in conjunction with your POS system you will always have the same price on the shelf and at the register. According to PlanetRetail RNG, 48 percent of shoppers already say that technology makes their shopping experience better and 76 percent want the store experience to be more digital, enriching their time in the physical shop.

Electronic Shelf Labels do that and more. If you would like a personalized demonstration and arrange to see a sample, e-mail or call 800-426-5708


Better Things to Spend Your Time On Then Pricing Manually

Running a retail store is not that easy as there are so many tasks that you have to do if you want your business to be successful. One of the significant responsibilities that people have in store is the task to update the prices of the products.

Electronic shelf labels are one of the best products that you can find to help keep your prices updated. With a click of a button, you can updated prices in your entire store without having to deal with labels or a label gun! 


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