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Food Packaging Design Tips

Product packaging is an important aspect of food industry. There are many multinational design companies that specialize in packaging design that can encourage sales.

In this article, we will discuss basic tips to come up with Food Packaging designs that can lead to product sales.


Keep it Simple

Have you ever browsed through supermarket aisles and instantly felt attracted to items due to their packaging design? You may not know this, but your customer gives your product an average of 4 seconds to decide whether they want to buy it or not. This is the reason you must keep the packaging simple yet powerful. Don't clutter your packaging with dozens of product benefits with no clear brand information. The product should not only look good outside but also explain to the customer what’s inside, that too without demanding too much attention. Failing to identify a product in terms of usage, brand, and content is the quickest way to lose customer interest. Therefore, it is important to keep the design simple without obscuring the brand name.


Food Packaging 

Be Honest

If you are a beginner at packaging design, then you would often try to showcase your product in the most perfect way. Don't mislead your consumers by showing more than you can deliver. This could lead to poor sales and disappoint customers, preventing repetitive purchase. Your food packaging should be such that it shares all the food information truthfully and concisely. Don't overpromise and under-deliver. Your designers should represent the product keeping the customer in mind.


Stay Original

This is the only way you can continue to get your customer’s attention – by being original. The only way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to stay authentic. If you have a generic looking packaging design, then consider making it more appealing by using strong visuals. The key is to be different and look for inspiration where it is least expected.


Visual Merchandising

If you see things from a shopper’s perspective, they don't get to see the product clearly and in great deal. Take the viewing distance and the product arrangement into account. Since they see all patterns and designs on all kinds of products, yours can end up being indiscernible if it its design is not attractive in the first look. Unless it appeals to them, they will not be tempted to give it a closer look. It is this distinctiveness and product appeal that you need to capture through your design.


Practical Design

Practical product designs with actual size, functionality, and shape of container can really attract customer attention. The more practical is the product design, the more it will sell. This is one of the most underrated design concepts that often gets overlooked. There are many design issues you can solve by simply staying functional.


Packaging design plays a huge role in sales performance. By incorporating these basic tips, you can ensure that your product catches your customer’s attention.


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