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ESL Newsletter V

Yes, that $2.75 coffee cup is $2.75.  Not too sure about you but it irks me when I see a price that says $1.79 plus tax, and when I get to the register it is $1.99 plus tax. Most of the time businesses will let it pass as I may be remembering wrong or it is just not worth mentioning. If this happens often enough, I may consider shopping somewhere else, sure your customer feels the same way.

Now for the first time in retail, you can rest assured that 100% of the time your price labels display the same price as the register rings up. Eliminate manual pricing errors, increase customer loyalty, and have control over your shelf label price adjustments.


Reduce pricing errors

 Eliminate shelf pricing mistakes. Your price labels will match your back-end database and prices at the register every time, right on time, all the time.

Improve customer loyalty

 Not only will you eliminate the embarrassing and costly mistake where the shelf prices do not match the prices at your registers but with Bluetooth technology built into ESLs, frequent buyers can be sent information on their cell phone.

No lost sales from unpriced goods

 With electronic price labels all items in-store will have a price - if not, the software will notify you that there's a problem.

Speed pulling up and improve accuracy

 Do you have or are you planning on having a service where your customers can place an order on their phone and the items will be waiting or delivered to them? Our labels will alert the person pulling the order, saving time and errors.

Provide information.

 Customers are hungry for information in this information age. With Electronic Shelf Labels you can display much more than merely the price.  Explain the features, mention other complementary products and so much more.

 Coming soon to a screen near you;  American Retail Supply's Webinar "Electronic Shelf Labels - the Future of In-Store Signage".  Watch your e-mail for details soon.


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