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Creating a Custom Look Nobody Else Can

As a retail store owner, you can display anything and everything with a slatwall. They come in wide-ranging varieties including brackets, shelves, and hooks, which make them versatile and suitable for different needs.


What is a slatwall? Slatwall is a product that’s mainly utilized in retail stores as fixture paneling to support hangers, brackets, and baskets on which products for sale are displayed. They are amongst the most sought after store displays and fixtures worldwide. There are many of reasons why, but here are just a few:

  •  Durability – Slatwall can last for a long time without getting damaged, and are capable of holding heavier merchandise unlike other fixtures. Durability is increased when you add a metal insert!
  • Affordability – In addition to durability, these slatwall accessories are available at pocket-friendly prices and given their wide-ranging uses, provide an incredible return on investment.
  • Custom looks – Between the collection of sizes, finishes, shapes, and types of attachments, you can create a personalized look nobody else can with this slatwall. 
  • Versatility – Thanks to the many slatwall accessories you can buy, slatwall can be used to showcase candy, clothing, body care products, brochure and more! 
  • User-friendly – You don’t require a toolbox to fix the slatwall accessories. Once you have collected your panels and fixtures, all you need to do is to hook your attachments and begin selling. 

Using slatwall systems in small retail spaces: Slatwall panels can be utilized in any store, whether its automotive, clothing and more, regardless of the size. They optimize the available space while letting you display your merchandise to your best advantage However, the advantage of slatwall is that it can help create feature locations within any store, no matter the size. 


Create an airy and light display with a slatwall: Although you can have melamine shelves for your slatwall, most of them are crafted from acrylic because they are not opaque and are known to create airy displays that are eye-catching. This is particularly important for crystal or glass objects as well as jewelry. The more illuminated these objects are, the more stunning they look and is what attracts customers to your store.


Using slatwall shelvesThese shelves come in various styles including trays, slopping shelves, flat shelves with lips and flat shelves. These can be utilized to showcase merchandise like catalogs, flyers, and brochures. They provide an incredible way of letting clients know about your business. You may also use them to advertise any other business you run on the side.

For more information on the different slatwall shelves, feel free to see our blog post about picking the right shelving unit!


Creating one of a kind look: Top rated stores provide an excellent selection of slatwall fixtures, including brochure holders, cable system displays, acrylic bins, etc. This gives you a wide variety to choose from, and provides limitless opportunity to blend more than one item to create a customized look just for your store. For instance, you can use bins to organize small items and the shelves to display larger items. You may also integrate a notice board to update clients on offers and deals or a brochure holder to provide more information about your upcoming sale.