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Bring your Slatwall to life by adding accessories

Display serves as a store’s billboard. It can be the make or break factor that determines if a consumer will go into a store or walk on by.

Human beings are visual creatures; they are attracted by what they see. As a store owner, you want to leverage this fact to lure as many clients as you possibly can. The easiest way to do this is through your display items. A simple way to do this is by integrating highly affordable Slatwall, with beautiful accessories to create elegant spaces that will pull consumers into your store.

Slatwall accessories come in wide-ranging designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. The diversity ensures that the needs of clients are met. Here are a few accessories you can easily use to help bring life to your Slatwall.


Slatwall brackets: 

 Slatwall brackets deliver a free-floating shelve on the Slatwall or Slatgrid panels, where you can beautifully display your items for your consumers to view .These are mostly utilized to create shelves on Slatwall or Slatgrid panels. All you need to do is slide two brackets into the panel’s slit, put four shelf rests and slide until you achieve the right width (according to your shelf). You should also ensure that the length is right for sturdiness and more support. Depending on your needs, you can choose between glass and melamine shelves.


Slatwall Hooks: 

The kind of hook you pick will depend on the needs of your store, as well as the product you’re planning to hang. Regular hooks are ideal for small and medium-sized items, whereas heavy hooks can withstand heavier products. You can also look out for the scanning hooks which come with additional hooks for holding barcode tags or key locks for hanging valuable items.


Slatwall Faceout and Waterfall: 

 Faceout is where the metal attachment sticks straight outward from the Slatwall, while the waterfall one has the metal attachment slopping down. If you want your clients to have a glimpse of all products from different angles, you should go with the latter.

slatwall accessories


Floating Slatwall Shelves:

These types of shelves do not need any brackets to stand – they are easy to install and are ideal for textured Slatwall. Depending on your Slatwall, you can go for the natural stain, black stain/paint, white stain/paint or walnut stain/paint. These shelves are one of the best Slatwall accessories and provide a clean finish that will leave your clients wondering.


Slatbox Displays:

This system uses one-piece boxes integrated with hooks to fit in the current store fixtures such as the Gridwall, Slatgrid, Slatwall and pegboard. They come in different interchangeable colors and sizes to match the theme of your store. Slatbox system provides you with flexibility to enhance your storage space or display a cost-effective solution.


Slatwall Jewelry Displays:

You can display jewelry on your Slatwall or Slatgrid panels in style. By using displays with faux leather or velvet finish, you can keep your pieces scratch free. Slatwall jewelry displays come in different neck forms for even better user experience.