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A Quick Guide About the Origins of Pegboard and Selection

There’s no one authentic source to say when pegboard also known as perforated hardboard was invented, although it came into use in the early 20th century. The word ‘pegboard’ was first used in 1952 according to Merriam Webster. It is often used in garages, retail stores, and various other places.

The pegboard can be termed as the most simple, yet effective tool organizer. The only requirement is to insert the pegs that provide the hanging capability for the tools. No other technique provides such clear view and tidy arrangement of the tools. As, pegboards are so handy, using them is evident. But, there is a requirement to understand which one to use. These come with various pegboard accessories that can be bought online.


Various types of pegboards are discussed here and compared to make an effective choice:

Made of Masonite

The most common of them all, Masonite board is made up of resin and wood fiber compressed together. It is readily available in the market and is a cost-effective option to choose.

The only problem with this type of pegboard is that it is not very sturdy. Heavier tools can tear the board or bend it in some way. Also, moisture can damage the board over time and prolonged hanging of heavier tools can render the holes damaged.

Made of Metal

If you are looking for a stronger material for hanging heavier items. Pegboard made from metal or stainless steel is what you should look for. The use of this material not only provides strength, but it also makes the pegboard highly attractive and sleek. There is no chance of damage to the board as well as its holes by hanging even the heavier tools. It is also rust-resistant and thus cannot be damaged by the moisture. It provides a long lasting option to be used for a variety of tools of different sizes.

What makes this pegboard a difficult choice is its high cost. Stainless steel is expensive and thus, it is a costly option to choose from. Also, it is quite heavy to hang on the wall or on any surface. The electricity conductive nature of metals can make them dangerous if garages with wires are considered. Proper precautions must be used while installing them in such places.

Made of Plastic/Acrylic

If appearance is required, the pegboards made from plastic or acrylic is the best option. The light weight of the board corresponding to its strength is amazing. It can be mobilized to any place whenever required and due to its durable nature can be used in any conditions. Helps in reducing the carbon footprint as plastic is recycled and reused for production of these boards. Comes in multiple sizes and is mountable.

The comparison each type of pegboards makes it evident that each board is different. The selection of the board type will depend upon the preference of the user. For cost-effective option you can select Masonite pegboard. For extensive strength, select metal pegboards. For a complete blend of strength and cheap price, you may consider plastic pegboards. For buying pegboard accessories, the type of board selected must be considered.