The Ugly Little Secret They Don't Tell You About Shoplifting

"The Ugly Little Secret They Don't Tell
You About Stopping Shoplifting"

Don’t Spend Another Penny to Stop
Shoplifting Until You Read This!

If you're like most retailers you suffer enormous losses every year because of customer theft. Experts estimate that the average retail loses 3-6% of their sales each year to shoplifting. The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce estimates that one-out-of-every-ten customers is a shoplifter. If you have a 10% profit margin you need to sell $100 more to make up for someone stealing a $10 item. If they steal a $100 item you need to sell $1000 more!

Here's The Ugly Little Secret...

For decades the retail giants have been using Electronic Surveillance Systems (EAS) to stop shoplifting and for decades, it has only been available to you at about 3 times the price the retail giants paid. And because of that, for decades the retail giants have had a huge bottom line profit advantage over you!

Think about it. Think of the disadvantages you have. Assume that with your cameras (fake or real), mirrors, and employee training you lose 4% of sales to shoplifting. But because they have an affordable EAS system the retail giant has cut their losses to 2%. That means if you have a 10% net profit margin you need to sell 20%, more day in and day out, to get the advantage that the retail giants are getting from their EAS systems.

Now, I'm not saying this was any big conspiracy or that Checkpoint or any other supplier of EAS did anything wrong. You can't blame them. If they could stay busy selling 1000 EAS systems to one customer, I certainly don't blame them.

But the Market Has Changed...And That's Great News For YOU!

Have you noticed? Almost every retail giant has EAS (and the reason they have them is - they work). But the great news for you is that now, since all the retail giants have EAS, the EAS manufacturers need to turn to YOU to get more sales.

About 2 years ago, Checkpoint asked us to sell their EAS systems to retailers like you. After checking with some of you and learning what the retail giants were paying for EAS systems, we went back to Checkpoint and told them to get serious about smaller retailers and give them an affordable system or forget about the market...They listened and acted.

Now, finally... Checkpoint (the most reliable name in EAS) has developed an affordable EAS system for medium size chains and independent retailers. EAS has never been more affordable for YOU. Call 800-426-5708 for details.

Here are some excellent sources for more information about stopping shoplifting. Neither of these web sites sell shoplifting products or services: