Designer Faceouts and Waterfalls  

These designer pipe faceouts and waterfall brackets are perfect for pairing with our 3D Textured Slatwall.

Made from 3/4" thick steel pipe and 12" and 14" long, these pipe faceouts and waterfall brackets are a great way to show off your apparel products.

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Designer Faceouts and Waterfalls
Designer Faceouts and Waterfalls Price
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656043FTF12BL12" FaceoutBlack$25.93Add To Cart
656043FTF12BR12" FaceoutBronze$28.93Add To Cart
656043FTF12S12" FaceoutSandblast$28.93Add To Cart
656043FTF12R12" FaceoutRust$33.93Add To Cart
656043FTF14BL14" FaceoutBlack$27.93Add To Cart
656043FTF14BR14" FaceoutBronze$29.93Add To Cart
656043FTF14S14" FaceoutSandblast$29.93Add To Cart
656043FTF14R14" FaceoutRust$34.93Add To Cart
656043FTW12BL12" WaterfallBlack$31.93Add To Cart
656043FTW12BR12" WaterfallBronze$35.93Add To Cart
656043FTW12S12" WaterfallSandblast$35.93Add To Cart
656043FTW12R12" WaterfallRust$41.93Add To Cart
656043FTW14BL14" WaterfallBlack$33.93Add To Cart
656043FTW14BR14" WaterfallBronze$36.93Add To Cart
656043FTW14S14" WaterfallSandblast$36.93Add To Cart
656043FTW14R14" WaterfallRust$44.93Add To Cart
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