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Special Finishes, Solids, Foils, & Specialty Krafts Giftwrap

Shamrock has many finishes such as Solids, Foils, and Specialty Krafts Giftwrap to choose from.
    • high quality rotogravure and flexographic
       printed gift wrap in a variety of
       beautiful paper stocks.
    • fast and accurate order shipment.
    • new designs created by international artists.
    • Made in the U.S.A.
Providing gift wrapping to your customer who deserves the best so make your choice from hundreds of Shamrock's beautiful designs.
Special Finishes, Solids, Foils, & Specialty Krafts Giftwrap

Hot Croc

Silver Croc metallized

White Croc

Mock Croc

White Grain Embossed


Aqua/Seafoam Reversible-Matte Varnish

Lime Ultra Gloss

Champagne Pearl

Red Ultra Gloss

Shimmer Frost Leaf

Pale Gold Moire

Red Moire

Turquoise Ultra Gloss

Hot Pink Ultra Gloss

Red Croc

Lavender/Citron Reversible-Matte Varnish

Pinstripe Kraft

Warm Gold Spun Sheen Embossed Foil

Silver Moire Embossed Foil

Gold Metallic



Silver Metallic

Red Spun Sheen Embossed Foil

Dark Green Kraft

Dark Red Kraft

White Ultra Gloss

Forest Green

White Linen


Silver Spun Sheen Embossed Foil

Silky Stripes Carmine

Hot Croc 56V5002-E630618F
Price per roll
56V5002-E630618FFull Ream 18" x 833'$167.20Add To Cart
56V5002-E630618HHalf Ream 18" x 417'$102.60Add To Cart
56V5002-E630624CCutter Box 24" x 100'$32.30Add To Cart
56V5002-E630624FFull Ream 24" x 833'$157.70Add To Cart
56V5002-E630624HHalf Ream 24" x 417'$93.10Add To Cart
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