Polar Chevron

These patterned bags will give your holiday spirits a festive twist. Plus they coordinate perfectly with the Polar Holiday Collection for a complete holiday packaging design.

Orders must be placed by August 17th and packaging will be shipped October 31st.
Polar Chevron
Polar Chevron Price
SKUDescriptionCase Pack1+5+10+20+QuantityShop
56G4214682Gift WrapCutter Box 24" x 100'$44.80$40.32$36.29$32.66Add To Cart
56G4244682Gift WrapHalf Ream 24" x 417'$107.52$96.77$87.09$78.38Add To Cart
56G4284682Gift WrapFull Ream 24" x 833'$199.36$179.42$161.48$145.33Add To Cart
SKUDescriptionCase Pack1+4+10+25+QuantityShop
52C494682Shopping Bag 5.5" x 3.25" x 12.5"250 per case$212.24$191.02$171.91$154.72Add To Cart
52C414682Merchandise Bag 5" x 2" x 18"1000 per case$436.80$393.12$353.81$318.43Add To Cart
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