Polar Holiday

The Polar Holiday collection can be matched with the Polar Chevron bottle collection and/or the Snow Day collection. The options are endless with this fun and festive design. 

Orders must be placed by August 17th and packaging will be shipped October 31st.
Polar Holiday
Polar Holiday Price
SKUDescriptionCase Pack1+5+10+20+QuantityShop
56G4214681Gift WrapCutter Box 24" x 100'$44.80$40.32$36.29$32.66Add To Cart
56G4244681Gift WrapHalf Ream 24" x 417'$107.52$96.77$87.09$78.38Add To Cart
56G4284681Gift WrapFull Ream 24" x 833'$199.36$179.42$161.48$145.33Add To Cart
SKUDescriptionCase Pack1+4+10+25+QuantityShop
52C4424681Shopping Bag 5.5" x 3.25" x 8.375250 per case$212.24$191.02$171.91$154.72Add To Cart
52C444681Shopping Bag 8" x 4.75" x 10.5"250 per case$222.21$199.99$179.99$161.99Add To Cart
52C464681Shopping Bag 13" x 6" x 15"3/4"100 per case$117.42$105.68$95.11$85.60Add To Cart
54C4074681Gable Box 8" x 4.875" x 5.25"100 per case$110.10$99.09$89.18$80.26Add To Cart
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