Modular Display Shelves

Solid edge glue pine shelves are 11/16" thick and have aluminum end supports and pins to be sturdy and long lasting. Shelves are available in 3, 3 and 4 foot lengths and a variety of widths to match with uprights.
Modular Display Shelves
Modular Display Shelves Price
63V6971-SP1122412" x 24" Shelf$20.52$19.49Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1123212" x 32" Shelf$22.93$21.78Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1123612" x 36" Shelf$24.15$22.94Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1124812" x 48" Shelf$28.48$27.06Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1152415" x 24" Shelf$22.99$21.84Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1153215" x 32" Shelf$25.69$24.40Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1153615" x 36" Shelf$27.05$25.70Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1154815" x 48" Shelf$32.49$30.87Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1182418" x 24" Shelf$23.77$22.58Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1183218" x 32" Shelf$26.55$25.22Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1183618" x 36" Shelf$27.95$26.55Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1184818" x 48" Shelf$34.01$32.31Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1243624" x 36" Shelf$32.58$30.95Add To Cart
63V6971-SP1244824" x 48" Shelf$40.78$38.74Add To Cart
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