Modular Display Uprights

Build a shelving unit to the size you need or  add on to single and double complete units with these ready made uprights and shelves. Solid wood uprights are unfinished hemlock with spacing of 5mm holes 1" on center for adjustable shelves. Available upright widths are 12", 15", 18" and 24". Upright heights are 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot. If you have questions regarding building a unit please call 1-800-426-5708.
Modular Display Uprights
Modular Display Uprights Price
63V6971-UH1124812" x 48"$35.09$33.33Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1126012" x 60"$39.94$37.94Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1127212" x 72"$41.72$39.64Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1154815" x 48"$37.10$35.24Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1156015" x 60"$39.24$37.28Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1157215" x 72"$43.73$41.54Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1184818" x 48"$37.93$36.06Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1186018" x 60"$42.81$40.67Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1187218" x 72"$44.59$42.36Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1244824" x 48"$39.62$37.64Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1246024" x 60"$44.46$42.23Add To Cart
63V6971-UH1247224" x 72"$46.25$43.94Add To Cart
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