Heavy Metal Textured Slatwall

   Is your store strong, urban, or industrial?
   Heavy Metal delivers a strong, urban feel. This design comes in "Rust" and "Grey" so you can go for an newer or older urban look.
   All 3D Textured Slatwall Panels are made from solid MDF. Panels are 2' x 8' in a horizontal configuration. 6" on center slats, Class C Fire rating. Can hold up to 90 lbs at 6" from the wall. All panels come with heavy duty aluminum inserts. Note: All panels are hand finished and actual color may vary slightly. 

Minimum order for 2'x'8' is 2 panels in the same color.
Minimum order for 2'x4' is 4 panels in the same color (additional panels must be ordered in pairs).

This product will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount. 10 panels and under will have a $50.00 crating charge added.
Heavy Metal Textured Slatwall
Heavy Metal Textured Slatwall Price
65V6043-35436Grey 2' x 4'$99.50$94.75Add To Cart
65V6043-35466Rust 2' x 4'$99.50$94.75Add To Cart
65V6043-3536Grey 2' x 8'$198.98$189.50Add To Cart
65V6043-3566Rust 2' x 8'$198.98$189.50Add To Cart
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