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How to Design the Perfect Custom Fixture for Your Retail Store

How to Custom Design the Showcase or
Display Case of Your Dreams!

If you are looking for a Showcase or Display Case, you came to the right place! Are you tired of having to settle for showcases that have some of the features you want, but you feel like you can't get them all in one case? Well here at American Retail Supply, we can customize features on any showcase that best fits your needs. So the question is what do you need?

Think of your showcase as your best salesman, you want it to show your product perfectly, and keep your clients attention. You also want your showcase to be your salesman's aid. Think about how it needs to work functionally in order to best aid your sales process. Once you figure out what specifications you want to create the perfect showcase for your retail store, you can order EXACTLY the display you need!

Things to consider:
1) Look at your store, what is your style? What colors do you have predominantly? What look do you want to show your clients? Classic, modern, practical, etc?

2) What are your size requirements? Do you need a corner display case? A wall hanging display case? A register and counter display case, etc.

3) What is your floor space like? Would a floor display case work best for you or a hanging display wall case?

4) What are you displaying? What kind of showcase would best show your merchandise? A sit down jewelry display case? An open showcase where clients can touch your merchandise? Or a locked up showcase where they cannot access it without you opening the showcase with a key?

5) What kind of lighting, if any, do you need in your display case? Fluorescent lighting? Halogen bulbs? One light, two lights?

6) Would you like a display case that stands alone, or a set? For example do you just need a counter display case, or a whole register counter showcase set?

7) What is your security situation? Does your case need locks? No locks? Open rear display case? Open front display case? No doors on the showcase?

8) Do you need to make your space look bigger? Mirrors in the showcase? No mirrors?

9) Is the showcase more of an accent feature, or just for functionality. In other words do you want your showcase to stand out, or merely be a backdrop and have your merchandise shine?

10) What is the best functionality? Can you get to it easily? Is your merchandise easy to access? Can you show your merchandise to your clients easily?

11) What is your store's style? You can pick out the stain and design of your showcase or display case that best matches your style, and compliments your products.

Think about what your selling style is. You want your showcase to perfectly facilitate your needs. For example, do you want an open front showcase so you can easily pick up merchandise to show clients? Do you want a rear access showcase so that from behind the counter you can pick up the merchandise and you don't have to walk around to the front of the showcase, saving time? Think about if you want a lock on the display case to protect your merchandise. Is it worth the extra time it takes to unlock the display case every time a client wants to see the merchandise? What will best facilitate and not hinder your ability to sell?

A good idea no matter what genre of retail store you have is to show impulse items at the register, or at eye level near the register. This can add valuable up-sells. There are display cases that work perfectly for this purpose and those are counter display cases, or hanging wall display cases. Make sure these show items that people would want to add on to their order, such as accessories if you are a clothing store, gourmet candy or small gifts, etc.

Hanging wall display cases are great to hang at eye level to show and attract attention to your merchandise, especially when one is standing in line or when they are perusing your store.

Let's look at an example, if you are displaying jewelry you would probably want a locking display case so someone couldn't just walk up and touch or grab your merchandise. You might also want to consider having proper lighting so you can show your clients accurately the colors, textures, and shapes of your jewelry. There are also sit down jewelry showcases that are a good option when you need to spend a long time sitting and showing the product.

For another example, if you have a clothing store you might want a showcase that gives the clients easy access to your merchandise so that they can pick it up, touch it to feel the texture, feel the weight, and see sizes. They can also pick out what size they need to try on, etc.

When you have decided what options and accessories you need to make your Display Case or Showcase the most effective for your retail store, go through the different styles of display cases and showcases by clicking here. Once you decide what look works best for you, pick out the size that fits your needs, and then you are ready to place your order for your Custom Made Showcase or Display Case that perfectly meets all your Retail Store's needs!

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