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Competitors Are Sending Shoplifters To Your Store!

Keith Lee

I'll bet you find it hard to believe but yes, it's true, competitors are sending shoplifters to your store everyday! Unbelievable - How's that, you say?

Well, it has to do with the make up of shoplifters. You see shoplifters are a lazy bunch of people who always look for the easiest, laziest way to do something. So, when they have the choice of stealing from your competitor who has an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System, or you without a system, where do you think they're going?  The lazy thieves say to themselves, "why take the risk of being caught and the hassle of "defeating" the EAS system when I can just go to the store without EAS?"

Not only does it make sense to you and me that lazy shoplifters would come to your store when your competition installs an EAS system, it has been shown to be true in independent tests. While conducting an independent test on the effectiveness of EAS systems, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the largest independent 3rd party consulting firms in the world found,

"While the EAS system deterred shoplifters in the test stores,
competitors noted a concurrent increase in shoplifting
during the test."

As a side note, this test found that EAS reduced shoplifting by 69.79% in a test of four stores. And just how serious is your store about stopping shoplifting anyway? EAS shoplifting tags and EAS gates tell shoplifters that you are very serious about stopping shoplifting. That you are willing to invest money to stop it, and that you probably have other procedures and systems they can't see. While the thieves can only guess at everything you do to stop shoplifting that they don't see, they certainly know you're serious when they see EAS tags and EAS gates.

 Did you know that shoplifters steal more than $10 Billion Dollars a year from retailers and that the average store loses 3-6% of its sales to shoplifting?

Now, for the first time EAS is affordable for everyone.  For decades the retail giants have been using Electronic Article Surveillance Systems (EAS) to stop shoplifting and for decades, it has only been available to you at about 3 times the price the retail giants paid. And because of that, for decades the retail giants have had a huge bottom line profit advantage over you!

Think about it. Think of the disadvantages you have. Assume that with your cameras (fake or real), mirrors, and employee training you lose 4% of sales to shoplifting. But because they have an affordable EAS system the retail giant cuts its losses to 2%.

 That means if you have a 10% net profit margin you need to sell 20% more, day in and day out, to get the advantage that the retail giants are getting from their EAS systems.

Now, I'm not saying this was any big conspiracy or that the makers of EAS did anything wrong. You can't blame them. If they could stay busy selling 1000 EAS systems to one customer, I certainly don't blame them.

But the Market Has Changed...

And That's Great News For YOU!  Have you noticed? Almost every retail giant has EAS (and the reason they have them is - they work). But the great news for you is that now, since all the retail giants have EAS, the EAS manufacturers need to turn to YOU to get more sales.

About 2 years ago, Checkpoint asked us to sell their EAS systems to retailers like you.  After checking with some of you and learning what the retail giants were paying for EAS systems, we went back to Checkpoint and told them to get serious about smaller retailers and give you an affordable system or forget about the market... To our surprise - They listened and acted.

Now, finally... Checkpoint (the most reliable name in EAS) has developed an affordable EAS system for independent retailers and medium size chains.  It used to be that a system like this cost you $7,000 or more!

Now - Finally
You can get a complete EAS system including installation and supplies for under $3,000!


The New ValueGuard System from Checkpoint includes 2 gates, installation, and supplies to get started for under $3,000!

Think about it, EAS has never been more affordable for YOU. Call 800-426-5708 for more details.

Here are some excellent sources for more information about stopping shoplifting. Neither of these web sites sell shoplifting products or services: