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Why Use Custom Bags?

Why Use Custom Bags at Your Retail Store?

As an independent retailer you need to do some form of advertising or name recognition to stay in business, whether you like to admit it or not. You also need paper or plastic shopping bags. A client comes into your store, they buy one of your products, and you have to put it in something! Why not meet both needs together? How do you do that? You use Custom Printed or Hot Stamped Shopping Bags.

Let's say you usually use 12"x3"x18" plastic bags. Unprinted these come to about $.04 per plastic bag. If you would like to get your 12"x3"x18" plastic bag personalized it comes to about $.07 per plastic bag, a difference of $.03. So how far does that $.03 stretch? Well at the very least your retail store's client sees the bag when you put their merchandise in it, while they carry it to their car, when they load it into their car, when they take it out of their car, when they take their merchandise out of it, and when they go to recycle it. That's six times of your client being exposed and reinforced by your logo. What other form of advertising can you put your name in front of your client 6 times for $.03? That's $.005 per exposure! That doesn't count all of the people who will see your custom printed bag as your client walks down the street, or if they decide to reuse it as a lunch bag.

Think about if you see a name in the yellow pages or on a sign, you might remember it for a second, maybe even think about the idea that you might want to go there someday, but that's about as far as the process goes because what do you know about them? Are they credible? Do they have quality product? Are they expensive, one of a kind? Are they worth the trip?

These are all questions that you cannot tell from just reading a sign, or seeing a yellow page ad. Anyone can pay for ad space, that doesn't make them worth while! So now, think about your best friend, who always dresses well, and who always knows where to go and what to get. You see them carrying a plastic or paper bag from a clothing store. Well, the bag looks nice, you see the name, and you think if your friend is carrying it, then it must be a good store! They don't settle for less than spectacular.

Let's say you see someone walking down the street and you think they're wearing a nice shirt, and then you see that they're carrying a custom printed bag, what does it say? Oh, I've heard of that store, you think. Maybe I should go there, you think. Doesn't it make the store so much more credible when you can see a real life person with the product? It is not some supermodel that will look good even if they were wearing a garbage bag, but someone like you!

Everyone has a friend who is the "Tool Master," you know, the ultimate "Mr. Fix-It." If you see them unloading their new power drill, you'd pay attention to the name on the custom printed bag because you know that they would know the best place to go for tools.

The point of this is that any referral or real life person who is seen with your retail store's custom printed bag is much more effective than an impersonal advertisement. You know when you see something everywhere; you start to wonder about it. You know it must be a good in-demand product if you see everyone carrying one. Well that's what you need to do. Get your name everywhere. Get everyone to carry your custom printed bag, reuse it for their lunch bag, or carry it all day with them on their errands, and take it with them when they show their friends what they got.

Well how do I do that? You ask. Simple! Create a custom bag that people will want to carry around and show off. First let's start with your logo. You need a logo that is easily recognizable and flawlessly portrays your image. The simpler your design the better. Think of Nike, McDonalds, Adidas. These symbols are recognizable around the globe without the use of words or descriptions. You might not be to that playing field yet, but you still need a logo that defies language and that speaks for itself.

Next think about the style of bag you want. Are you a sporting good store? You'd probably be most interested in Post-Printed Jumbo Shoppers, or Personalized Low Density Reinforced Patch Handle Bags. Or if you are a trendy clothing retailer you might be most interested in our Hot-Stamped Frosted Shoppers, or Custom Euro-Totes. Drug Stores may be most interested in our Personalized Super Gloss Plastic Bags. Whatever niche you have, you can use the Custom Touch to get your name in front of your retail store's prospective and returning clients.

So now you have your logo and style of bag, next is the color scheme. This is important because different colors and combinations of colors portray different emotions and styles of retailers. If you are looking for something professional, you might stick to something with a black and silver color scheme. If you are going for kids you can go with a fun yellow and blue custom printed bag that grabs everyone's attention. If you are going trendy, maybe a clear gloss and silver or purple custom printed bag with white writing. Whatever you choose, remember that your custom printed bags should portray the image and emotion you want people to think of when they go in or hear about your store. There are so many combinations of type of bags, colors, hot stamped, post printed, gloss, frosted bags that you can't help but get the perfect combination for your store!

So when you are ready to look into Custom Printed Bags for your retail store or have questions you need help with, or even ready to brainstorm what kind of bags would work best for your retail store's needs and image, please call 800-426-5708 and one of our sales reps can help you. Check these examples of custom bags that we can get for you  Plastic bagsShopping Bags