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Choosing Environmentally Responsible Packaging

Information You Should Know When Choosing
Environmentally Responsible Packaging
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    Consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging is growing more and more each and every day. This "green movement” has produced a new group of individuals who want to be environmentally "correct" in their purchasing decisions.

    Unfortunately, as these individuals develop into environmentally conscious consumers, the mass amounts of information circulating around on what is “environmentally friendly” can be confusing and even overwhelming!  Please also see our environmental glossary highlighting commonly used environmental terms.

    When choosing environmentally friendly packaging, it’s important to be educated, and know the facts about the unique environmental benefits associated with various types of packaging.

    While environmentally friendly attributes can apply to retail packaging such as giftwrap, tissue, apparel boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.) below are the specific benefits of choosing and using Plastic Bags, Paper Bags and Reusable Non Woven Bags:

Plastic Bags:

  • Are re-used by consumers for many purposes which saves
    the production of another bag
  • Weigh approximately 75% less than equivalent paper bags
    so they use less resources to transport.
  • Use approximately 40% less energy to produce than the
    equivalent paper bag
  • Generate approximately 80% less solid waste than the
    equivalent paper bag
  • Require approximately 91% less energy to recycle than
    the equivalent paper bag
  • Are often made with post-consumer recycled material
  • Are 100% recyclable: lowering the amount of plastic entering
    landfills and using new resources.
  • Take up approximately 10% of the landfill space of the
    equivalent paper bag
  • Produce no greenhouse gas in decomposition
  • Produce less water pollution in manufacturing
  • Produce less air pollution in manufacturing
  • Are produced from the by-products of refining gasoline, so not using
    this by-product is the irresponsible thing to do

Paper Bags:

  • Are re-used by consumers for many purposes which saves the production of another bag
  • Are 100% Recyclable & Compostable
  • Are Almost always made with at least some recycled material
  • Are often made with post-consumer recycled material
  • Are less hazardous to the wildlife if found in waterways
  • Are made from a renewable resource
  • Are currently recycled at a higher rate than plastic

Reusable Non Woven Bags:

  • Are durable
  • Are re-used frequently
  • Are washable
  • Can be recycled
  • Can withstand outdoor weather
  • Can carry heavy loads
  • Are tear resistant

If you’re concerned with the environment and are seeking an environmentally responsible source for your retail packaging needs, look no further than American Retail Supply! Follow the links below to many environmentally friendly products.

Plastic Bags

*Available with 100% Biodegradable Film Option

Paper Bags

Reusable Non Woven Bags 
     • Custom Reusable Non Woven Cloth Like Bags

Gift and Apparel Boxes


Jewelry Boxes


We are continuously working on updating our web pages with specific environmental information for each of these products, and will be adding more products to this list in the future, so keep checking back frequently! In the mean time, feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding any of these products please call 800-426-5708.