Pearl District Outrigger Frames and Accessories  

Displays mount to floor and walls around your retail store perimeter.  Choose uprights either 96" or 120" high.  Add shelves, hangbars, and faceouts to complete your display for your retail store.
    These wall displays coordinate with the other parts of the Pearl District system - Nesting Tables, 2 Way, and 3 Way floor display.
Outrigger uprights are the frame used to create your perimeter display.  Wall and floor mount kit is included.  The 120" upright has 3" x 3" uprights and the 96" upright has 3" x 2" uprights. Choose the accessories to complete your display.
• Shelf Brackets sold in pairs (left and right) and used with shelves sold in the 2 way and 3 way display section. 
   12" Projection.
Outrigger Shelves are used with shelf brackets; sold separately in single veneers of Blackwood, Espresso, Modern Maple and Aspen 
Faceouts are used with hangbars; 12" projection.
Outrigger Hangbar is made with 1 1/2" rectangular tube; for use with Hangbar brackets, sold separately.
   Available in 48" length with 4" or 12" projections.
Hangbar Brackets are sold in pairs (left and right); use to suspend Hangbar.  Available in 4"
   and 12" projections.
Peghooks are used with Hangbar and are available in 6" and 10" projections.
Pearl District Outrigger Frames and Accessories
Pearl District Outrigger Frames and Accessories Price each
Price each
64V3002-290-OR-10Outrigger Upright - 120" HBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$303.20Add To Cart
64V3002-290-OR8-14Outrigger Upright - 96" HBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$220.93Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-FO121Faceout - 12" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$7.84Add To Cart
64V3002-290-OR-WHB-12Hangbar Bracket - 12" Projection (pair)Brushed Satin Nickel Finish$32.64Add To Cart
64V3002-290-OR-WHB-4Hangbar Bracket - 4" Projection (pair)Brushed Satin Nickel Finish$25.87Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-PEG101Peghooks - 10" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$2.09Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-PEG61Peghooks - 6" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$1.75Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-SB14Shelf Bracket - 14" Projection (pair)Brushed Satin Nickel Finish$25.87Add To Cart
64V3002-290-ORBKSHLF14Outrigger Shelf - 47-3/4"x1"x13-7/8"Blakewood Black Veneer$67.59Add To Cart
64V3002-290-ORESSHLF-14Outrigger Shelf - 47-3/4"x1"x13-7/8"Espresso Veneer$67.59Add To Cart
 64V3002-290-ORRWHSHLF-14Outrigger Shelf - 47-3/4"x1"x13-7/8"Aspen Veneer$67.59Add To Cart
 64V3002-290-ORMPSHLF-14Outrigger Shelf - 48"x1"x12"Modern Maple Veneer$67.59Add To Cart
 64V3002-290-OR8-SLOutrigger Slimline Upright 1/2" x 1 1/2"Powder Coated Silver$146.09Add To Cart
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